Connector Framework Engine - User's Guide and Reference

Adam Dickmeiss



This document is part of Connector Framework Software and describes how to compile, install and run the Connector Framework Engine.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Installation
1. Debian
2. RedHat Enterprise / CentOS
3. Installation from source
3.1. Using
3.2. Manual compilation of XULRunner and Index Data Tools
4. Environment
5. Compiling CF programs
3. Architecture
1. API
4. HTTP proxy
1. Manual proxy configuration
2. Automatic proxy configuration URL
3. Setting the proxy in a Z39.50 session
I. Reference
cf-zserver — Z39.50 based connector
cfrun — CF command line utility
cf_webservice — Connector Framework Web service
A. License

List of Examples

4.1. Using manual proxy
4.2. Using automatic proxying
4.3. Z39.50 session using proxy