cfrun — CF command line utility


cfrun [-c fname] [-p proxy] [-t] [-u name] [-V] [task args]


cfrun is a command line interface for the Connector Framework Engine. Tasks and arguments to these tasks may be passed to the cfrun program or tasks and arguments may be entered interactively.

The cfrun is affected by the environment variables CF_MODULE_PATH and CF_APP_PATH.

If a task is passed to the cfrun program, the task is executed and the arguments are passed to it. In this case a particular connector should be passed as well (option -c).

If no task is specified, the cfrun will run interactively and read commands from standard input. See section COMMANDS for more information.


-c fname

Specifies a connector file to be loaded.

-p proxy

Allows a proxy to be specified for the CF browser.


Makes CF Engine operated in threaded mode rather than process fork mode. This should only be used for debugging purposes.

-u name

Runs unit test with the name given.


Prints the CF Version to stdout.


task name args

Exectutes the task with arguments.

task_opt name args

Exectutes the optional task with arguments.

unittest name

Exectutes unit test with name given.

cf filename

Loads connector file.

write filename

Writes current connector to file.

test args

Runs test-suite as given by args.

sleep seconds

Sleeps for the number of seconds given.

screen_shot filename

Dumps current browser display to file in PNG format.

script path

Evaluates JavaScript from file in the ConnectorRuntime.js context. Must be specified as an absolute path.


Quits the cfrun program.


cfrun may used interactively.. And any task may be executed. For example, to issue a keyword search using the Google connector..

    CF> cf /home/adam/proj/cf/connectors/
    CF> task search {"keyword":"water"}
    CF> task parse
    CF> screen_shot my.xwd
    CF> quit