metaproxy  1.15.0
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metaproxy_1::filter::HttpFile::Rep Class Reference
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Private Types

typedef std::list< AreaAreaList
typedef std::map< std::string, MimeMimeMap

Private Member Functions

void fetch_uri (mp::Session &session, Z_HTTP_Request *req, mp::Package &package)
void fetch_file (mp::Session &session, Z_HTTP_Request *req, std::string &fname, mp::Package &package, bool raw, bool passthru)
std::string get_mime_type (std::string &fname)

Private Attributes

MimeMap m_ext_to_map
AreaList m_area_list


class HttpFile

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file filter_http_file.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ AreaList

Definition at line 65 of file filter_http_file.cpp.

◆ MimeMap

typedef std::map<std::string,Mime> metaproxy_1::filter::HttpFile::Rep::MimeMap

Definition at line 66 of file filter_http_file.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fetch_file()

void metaproxy_1::filter::HttpFile::Rep::fetch_file ( mp::Session &  session,
Z_HTTP_Request *  req,
std::string &  fname,
mp::Package &  package,
bool  raw,
bool  passthru 

◆ fetch_uri()

void metaproxy_1::filter::HttpFile::Rep::fetch_uri ( mp::Session &  session,
Z_HTTP_Request *  req,
mp::Package &  package 

◆ get_mime_type()

std::string metaproxy_1::filter::HttpFile::Rep::get_mime_type ( std::string &  fname)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ HttpFile

friend class HttpFile

Definition at line 63 of file filter_http_file.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_area_list

AreaList metaproxy_1::filter::HttpFile::Rep::m_area_list

Definition at line 69 of file filter_http_file.cpp.

◆ m_ext_to_map

MimeMap metaproxy_1::filter::HttpFile::Rep::m_ext_to_map

Definition at line 68 of file filter_http_file.cpp.

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