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metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Backend ()
 ~Backend ()
void connect (std::string zurl, int *error, char **addinfo, ODR odr)
void search (ZOOM_query q, Odr_int *hits, int *error, char **addinfo, Z_FacetList **fl, ODR odr)
void present (Odr_int start, Odr_int number, ZOOM_record *recs, int *error, char **addinfo, ODR odr)
void set_option (const char *name, const char *value)
void set_option (const char *name, const char *value, size_t l)
void set_option (const char *name, std::string value)
const char * get_option (const char *name)
void get_zoom_error (int *error, char **addinfo, ODR odr)

Private Attributes

mp::wrbuf m_apdu_wrbuf
ZOOM_connection m_connection
ZOOM_resultset m_resultset
std::string m_frontend_database
SearchablePtr sptr
xsltStylesheetPtr xsp
std::string cproxy_host
bool enable_cproxy
bool enable_explain
xmlDoc * explain_doc
std::string m_proxy
cql_transform_t cqlt
std::string retry_on_failure


class Impl
class Frontend

Detailed Description

Definition at line 95 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::Backend ( )
metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::~Backend ( )

Member Function Documentation

void metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::connect ( std::string  zurl,
int *  error,
char **  addinfo,
ODR  odr 
const char* metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::get_option ( const char *  name)
void metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::get_zoom_error ( int *  error,
char **  addinfo,
ODR  odr 
void metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::present ( Odr_int  start,
Odr_int  number,
ZOOM_record *  recs,
int *  error,
char **  addinfo,
ODR  odr 
void metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::search ( ZOOM_query  q,
Odr_int *  hits,
int *  error,
char **  addinfo,
Z_FacetList **  fl,
ODR  odr 
void metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::set_option ( const char *  name,
const char *  value 
void metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::set_option ( const char *  name,
const char *  value,
size_t  l 
void metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::set_option ( const char *  name,
std::string  value 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Frontend

Definition at line 97 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

friend class Impl

Definition at line 96 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

std::string metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::cproxy_host

Definition at line 104 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

cql_transform_t metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::cqlt

Definition at line 109 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

bool metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::enable_cproxy

Definition at line 105 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

bool metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::enable_explain

Definition at line 106 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

xmlDoc* metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::explain_doc

Definition at line 107 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

mp::wrbuf metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::m_apdu_wrbuf

Definition at line 98 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

ZOOM_connection metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::m_connection

Definition at line 99 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

std::string metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::m_frontend_database

Definition at line 101 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

std::string metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::m_proxy

Definition at line 108 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

ZOOM_resultset metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::m_resultset

Definition at line 100 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

std::string metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::retry_on_failure

Definition at line 110 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

SearchablePtr metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::sptr

Definition at line 102 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

xsltStylesheetPtr metaproxy_1::filter::Zoom::Backend::xsp

Definition at line 103 of file filter_zoom.cpp.

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