metaproxy  1.13.0
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metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend Struct Reference
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Public Types

typedef std::map< std::string, VirtualDB::Set >::iterator Sets_it

Public Member Functions

 Frontend (Rep *rep)
 ~Frontend ()
void search (Package &package, Z_APDU *apdu)
void present (Package &package, Z_APDU *apdu)
void scan (Package &package, Z_APDU *apdu)
int relay_apdu (Package &package, Z_APDU *apdu)
void close (Package &package)
void fixup_package (Package &p, BackendPtr b)
void fixup_npr_record (ODR odr, Z_NamePlusRecord *npr, BackendPtr b)
void fixup_npr_records (ODR odr, Z_Records *records, BackendPtr b)
BackendPtr lookup_backend_from_databases (std::list< std::string > databases)
BackendPtr create_backend_from_databases (std::list< std::string > databases, int &error_code, std::string &failing_database)
BackendPtr init_backend (std::list< std::string > database, Package &package, int &error_code, std::string &addinfo)

Public Attributes

mp::Session m_session
bool m_is_virtual
bool m_in_use
yazpp_1::GDU m_init_gdu
std::list< BackendPtrm_backend_list
std::map< std::string, VirtualDB::Setm_sets

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file filter_virt_db.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<std::string,VirtualDB::Set>::iterator metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::Sets_it

Definition at line 87 of file filter_virt_db.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::Frontend ( Rep rep)
metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::~Frontend ( )

Member Function Documentation

void metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::close ( Package &  package)
BackendPtr metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::create_backend_from_databases ( std::list< std::string >  databases,
int &  error_code,
std::string &  failing_database 
void metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::fixup_npr_record ( ODR  odr,
Z_NamePlusRecord *  npr,
BackendPtr  b 
void metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::fixup_npr_records ( ODR  odr,
Z_Records *  records,
BackendPtr  b 
void metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::fixup_package ( Package &  p,
BackendPtr  b 
BackendPtr metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::init_backend ( std::list< std::string >  database,
Package &  package,
int &  error_code,
std::string &  addinfo 
BackendPtr metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::lookup_backend_from_databases ( std::list< std::string >  databases)
void metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::present ( Package &  package,
Z_APDU *  apdu 
int metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::relay_apdu ( Package &  package,
Z_APDU *  apdu 
void metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::scan ( Package &  package,
Z_APDU *  apdu 
void metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::search ( Package &  package,
Z_APDU *  apdu 

Member Data Documentation

std::list<BackendPtr> metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::m_backend_list

Definition at line 78 of file filter_virt_db.cpp.

bool metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::m_in_use

Definition at line 76 of file filter_virt_db.cpp.

yazpp_1::GDU metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::m_init_gdu

Definition at line 77 of file filter_virt_db.cpp.

bool metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::m_is_virtual

Definition at line 75 of file filter_virt_db.cpp.

Rep* metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::m_p

Definition at line 105 of file filter_virt_db.cpp.

mp::Session metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::m_session

Definition at line 74 of file filter_virt_db.cpp.

std::map<std::string,VirtualDB::Set> metaproxy_1::filter::VirtualDB::Frontend::m_sets

Definition at line 79 of file filter_virt_db.cpp.

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