3. Client development overview

You can use Pazpar2 from any environment that allows you to use webservices. The initial goal of the software was to support Ajax-based applications, but there literally are no limits to what you can do. You can use Pazpar2 from Javascript, Flash, Java, etc., on the browser side, and from any development environment on the server side, and you can pass session tokens and record IDs freely around between these environments to build sophisticated applications. Use your imagination.

The webservice API of Pazpar2 is described in detail in Pazpar2 protocol(7).

In brief, you use the 'init' command to create a session, a temporary workspace which carries information about the current search. You start a new search using the 'search' command. Once the search has been started, you can follow its progress using the 'stat', 'bytarget', 'termlist', or 'show' commands. Detailed records can be fetched using the 'record' command.