2. Installation from source on Windows

Pazpar2 can be built for Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio. The support files for building YAZ on Windows are located in the win directory. The compilation is performed using the win/makefile which is to be processed by the NMAKE utility part of Visual Studio.

Ensure that the development libraries and header files are available on your system before compiling Pazpar2. For installation of YAZ, refer to the Installation chapter of the YAZ manual at http://www.indexdata.com/yaz/doc/installation.html. It is easiest if YAZ and Pazpar2 are unpacked in the same directory (side-by-side).

The compilation is tuned by editing the makefile of Pazpar2. The process is similar to YAZ. Adjust the various directories YAZ_DIR, ICU_DIR, etc., as required.

Compile Pazpar2 by invoking nmake in the win directory. The resulting binaries of the build process are located in the bin of the Pazpar2 source tree - including the pazpar2.exe and necessary DLLs.

The Windows version of Pazpar2 is a console application. It may be installed as a Windows Service by adding option -install for the pazpar2 program. This will register Pazpar2 as a service and use the other options provided in the same invocation. For example:

     cd \MyPazpar2\etc
     ..\bin\pazpar2 -install -f pazpar2.cfg -l pazpar2.log

The Pazpar2 service may now be controlled via the Service Control Panel. It may be unregistered by passing the -remove option. Example:

     cd \MyPazpar2\etc
     ..\bin\pazpar2 -remove