8. Pazpar2 and MasterKey Connect

MasterKey Connect is a hosted connector, or gateway, service that exposes whatever searchable resources you need. Since the service exposes all resources using Z39.50 (or SRU), it is easy to set up Pazpar2 to use the service. In particular, since all connectors expose basically the same core behavior, it is a good use of Pazpar2's mechanism for managing default behaviors across similar databases.

After installation of Pazpar2, the directory /etc/pazpar2/settings/mkc (location may vary depending on installation preferences) contains an example setup that searches two different resources through a MasterKey Connect demo account. The file mkc.xml contains default parameters that will work for all MasterKey Connect resources (if you decide to become a customer of the service, you will substitute your own account credentials for the guest/guest). The other files contain specific information about a couple of demonstration resources.

To play with the demo, just create a symlink from /etc/pazpar2/services-enabled/default.xml to /etc/pazpar2/services-available/mkc.xml and then restart Pazpar2. You should now be able to search the two demo resources using JSDemo or any user interface of your choice. If you are interested in learning more about MasterKey Connect, or to try out the service for free against your favorite online resource, just contact us at .