pazpar2_play — Play recorded HTTP log against pazpar2


pazpar2_play [-v level] [file] [server-addr]


pazpar2_play is a utility that plays recorded HTTP activity against pazpar2. Pazpar2 may record activity to a file with option -R. This utility allows you to play the activity again against pazpar2. Pazpar2 must use predictable sessions in order for this to work. This means that either Pazpar2 should be executed with option -R or with debug mode (-X).


-v level

Sets log level (YAZ log level system).


Typical usage. First step is to enable recording in pazpar2. Something like:

    pazpar2 -f config.xml -R /tmp/recording.log

For the RPM version of Pazpar2, add/modify /etc/sysconfig/pazpar2 and modify OPTIONS. For the Debian version of Pazpar2, add/modify /etc/defaults/pazpar2 and modify OPTIONS.

At some point we want to run recording, perhaps against another Pazpar2 instance for analysis. We start Pazpar2 with '-R -' to ensure that sessions are numbered in the same way as initial recording.

    pazpar2 -f config.xml -R -

We can now run the player against it:

    pazpar2_play /tmp/recording.log localhost:9004


Pazpar2 daemon: pazpar2(8)