ClickOut plug-in works with the statistics plug-in to generate statistics for user clicks out of MasterKey.


The plug-in is invoked by the following command:


The url parameter is mandatory.

Given the right configuration -- see below -- this will generate a log statement for statistics.

Additional, optional, information can be added to the log statements, by adding it as additional parameters to the clickout request. For example:



This plug-in is configured in service-proxy.properties or equivalent.


plugins.clickout = com.indexdata.serviceproxy.plugins.ClickOutPlugin

Usage in chain

The ClickOut plug-in must be preceded by the statistics plug-in. This is different from most other uses of the statistics plug-in, but it is required in this case because the ClickOut plug-in performs a redirect and it would thus break the chain.

chains.clickout = statistics,clickout


# There are no configuration parameters for this plug-in at this point