Info plug-in displays the configuration of the Service Proxy embedded in the info document from Pazpar2.


The plug-in is invoked by the following command:




plugins.info = com.indexdata.serviceproxy.plugins.InfoPlugin

Usage in chain

The info plug-in can follow the Pazpar2 relay plug-in or it can be used alone. For example:

chains.info = relay,info  # This will embed SP info in the Pazpar2 info document


chains.info = info  # This will omit the Pazpar2 info 

Note that if the info chain is not present in the config, the command 'info' will simply be relayed to Pazpar2 and display the Pazpar2 info response.

Mandatory properties

# None   

Optional properties

info.HIDE_PROPERTY = auth.PASSWORD,auth.AES    # Optional: Parameters to omit from the info response
info.HIDE_VALUE    = auth.USERNAME,auth.DOMAIN # Optional: Parameters to show without disclosing their values