9. Summary and Synopsis

    #include <yaz/comstack.h>

    #include <yaz/tcpip.h>  /* this is for TCP/IP and SSL support */
    #include <yaz/unix.h>   /* this is for UNIX socket support */

    COMSTACK cs_create(CS_TYPE type, int blocking, int protocol);

    COMSTACK cs_createbysocket(int s, CS_TYPE type, int blocking,
                               int protocol);
    COMSTACK cs_create_host(const char *str, int blocking,
                            void **vp);

    int cs_bind(COMSTACK handle, int mode);

    int cs_connect(COMSTACK handle, void *address);

    int cs_rcvconnect(COMSTACK handle);

    int cs_listen(COMSTACK handle);

    COMSTACK cs_accept(COMSTACK handle);

    int cs_put(COMSTACK handle, char *buf, int len);

    int cs_get(COMSTACK handle, char **buf, int *size);

    int cs_more(COMSTACK handle);

    void cs_close(COMSTACK handle);

    int cs_look(COMSTACK handle);

    void *cs_straddr(COMSTACK handle, const char *str);

    const char *cs_addrstr(COMSTACK h);