YAZ  5.27.1


For a general introduction to YAZ, read the YAZ User's Guide and Reference at http://www.indexdata.com/yaz/doc/ This is also located in the doc directory of the YAZ distribution. (This main page is from yaz-util.h)

The following sections are just a summary of the most important header files and where they belong.


Logging (syslog-like) utility log.h

Memory management for small blocks nmem.h

Write string buffer wrbuf.h

Options handling options.h

Character conversion yaz-iconv.h

MARC / MARCXML marcdisp.h

Testing framework: test.h

Record conversion: record_conv.h

Record retrieval: retrieval.h

Timing : timing.h

Locking: mutex.h

Daemon: daemon.h

Windows Service: sc.h

Query parsers

PQF parsing: pquery.h

CCL parsing: ccl.h

CQL parsing and conversion: cql.h

Z39.50 sort: sortspec.h

BER handling

BER utilities (ODR): odr.h


Z39.50 common header: proto.h

Z39.50 core codecs: z-core.h.

Z39.50 related formats: z-accdes1.h , z-core.h , z-estask.h , z-oclcui.h , z-sum.h z-accform1.h , z-date.h , z-exp.h , z-opac.h , z-sutrs.h z-acckrb1.h , z-diag1.h , z-grs.h , z-rrf1.h , z-uifr1.h z-charneg.h , z-espec1.h z-mterm2.h , z-rrf2.h , z-univ.h

Z39.50 extended services: zes-admin.h , zes-exps.h , zes-pquery.h , zes-pset.h , zes-update.h , zes-expi.h , zes-order.h , zes-psched.h , zes-update0.h

Z39.50 diagnostics: diagbib1.h

Z39.50 externals: prt-ext.h

Generic Data Unit (HTTP and BER)

Definitions for GDU and HTTP: zgdu.h


SRU/SRW definitions: srw.h

SRW diagnostics: diagsrw.h


Common header: ill.h

Codecs: ill-core.h


Common header: zoom.h

Generic Frontend Server (GFS)

Header: backend.h