5. Compiling CF programs

The CF programs are built using a regular Makefile. YAZ, yaz++, Metaproxy and XULRunner must be available before CF can be compiled. If these componente are installed as package ensure that it is the development version of those that are installed. For example, libyaz4 do not suffice, but libyaz4-dev or libyaz4-devel does.

It is important that LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PATH + PKG_CONFIG_PATH are set properly. See Section 4, “Environment”. When the variables are set properly, proceed to the engine/src and run make. For example:

     cd engine/src

The make process, when successful, builds a number of targets. The most important ones are:


CF Engine runner utility which can be invoked from the command line.. It also has its own simple command line shell. Refer to cfrun(1) for more information.


CF Z39.50/SRU server. Refer to cf-zserver(8) for more information.


Metaproxy module (shared Object / .so). This module is a plug-in for Metaproxy and exposes the CF as a Web service. See cf_webservice(8) for more information.


"Hello World" application for CF.


The all target builds all working targets and is the default make target.


The clean target removes all relevant files generated by a build process (programs, temporary files, etc).