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Uses of PQFTranslationException in org.z3950.zing.cql

Subclasses of PQFTranslationException in org.z3950.zing.cql
 class UnknownIndexException
          Exception indicating that an index was not recognised.
 class UnknownPositionException
          Exception indicating that a position was not recognised.
 class UnknownRelationException
          Exception indicating that a relation was not recognised.
 class UnknownRelationModifierException
          Exception indicating that a relation modifier was not recognised.

Methods in org.z3950.zing.cql that throw PQFTranslationException
static byte[] CQLNode.makeQuery(CQLNode root, Properties properties)
 String CQLTermNode.toPQF(Properties config)
 String CQLSortNode.toPQF(Properties config)
 String CQLRelation.toPQF(Properties config)
 String CQLPrefixNode.toPQF(Properties config)
abstract  String CQLNode.toPQF(Properties config)
          Renders a parse-tree into a Yaz-style PQF string.
 String CQLBooleanNode.toPQF(Properties config)
 byte[] CQLTermNode.toType1BER(Properties config)
 byte[] CQLSortNode.toType1BER(Properties config)
 byte[] CQLPrefixNode.toType1BER(Properties config)
abstract  byte[] CQLNode.toType1BER(Properties config)
          Renders a parser-tree into a BER-endoded packet representing an equivalent Z39.50 Type-1 query.
 byte[] CQLBooleanNode.toType1BER(Properties config)

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