4. Installation on Windows

Metaproxy has been tested Microsoft Visual Studio. 2013 (C 12.0).

4.1. Boost

For Windows, it's easiest to get the precompiled Boost package from here. Several versions of the Boost libraries may be selected when installing Boost for Windows. Please choose at least the multithreaded (non-DLL) version because the Metaproxy makefile uses that.

For more information about installing Boost refer to the getting started pages.

4.2. Libxslt

Libxslt can be downloaded for Windows from here.

Libxslt also requires libxml2 to operate.

4.3. YAZ

YAZ can be downloaded for Windows from here.

4.4. YAZ++

Get YAZ++ as well. Version 1.6.0 or later is required.

YAZ++ includes NMAKE makefiles, similar to those found in the YAZ package.

4.5. Metaproxy

Metaproxy is shipped with NMAKE makefiles as well - similar to those found in the YAZ++/YAZ packages. Adjust this Makefile to point to the proper locations of Boost, Libxslt, Libxml2, zlib, iconv, yaz and yazpp.


If set to 1, the software is compiled with debugging libraries (code generation is multi-threaded debug DLL). If set to 0, the software is compiled with release libraries (code generation is multi-threaded DLL).


Boost install location


Boost version (replace . with _).


Boost toolset.


Specify the locations of Libxslt, libiconv, libxml2 and libxslt.

After successful compilation you'll find metaproxy.exe in the bin directory.