3. Installation on RPM based Linux Systems

All external dependencies for Metaproxy are available as RPM packages, either from your distribution site, or from the RPMfind site.

For example, an installation of the requires Boost C++ development libraries on RedHat Fedora C4 and C5 can be done like this:

    wget ftp://fr.rpmfind.net/wlinux/fedora/core/updates/testing/4/SRPMS/boost-1.33.0-3.fc4.src.rpm
    sudo rpmbuild --buildroot src/ --rebuild -p fc4/boost-1.33.0-3.fc4.src.rpm
    sudo rpm -U /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/boost-*rpm

The YAZ library is needed to compile Metaproxy, see there for more information on available RPM packages.

There is currently no official RPM package for YAZ++. See the YAZ++ pages for more information on a Unix tarball install.

With these packages installed, the usual configure + make procedure can be used for Metaproxy as outlined in Section 1, “Installation on Unix (from Source)”.