The material in this chapter is drawn directly from the individual manual entries. In particular, the Metaproxy invocation section is available using man metaproxy, and the section on each individual filter is available using the name of the filter as the argument to the man command.

Table of Contents

metaproxy — Metaproxy - server
metaproxy-config — script to get information about the installation of Metaproxy
auth_simple — Metaproxy Simple Authentication And Authorization Module
backend_test — Metaproxy Backend Test Z39.50 Server Module
bounce — Metaproxy Bouncing Package Sink Module for all kind of metaproxy packages
cgi — Metaproxy Package CGI Module
cql_rpn — Metaproxy CQL to RPN Query Language Transforming Module
frontend_net — Metaproxy Network Server module that accepts Z39.50 and HTTP requests
http_client — Metaproxy HTTP Client Module
http_file — Metaproxy HTTP File Server Module
http_rewrite — Module for rewriting HTTP content and headers
limit — Metaproxy Module for imposing resource limits
load_balance — Metaproxy Module balancing load among multiple identical Z39.50 targets
log — Metaproxy Package Logging Module
multi — Metaproxy Package Multiplexer Module
present_chunk — Splits Z39.50 Present Request into chunks
query_rewrite — Metaproxy RPN Query Rewrite Module
record_transform — Metaproxy Module that performs record transformations
sd_remove — Removes Surrogate Diagnostics
session_shared — Metaproxy Module for sharing system resources between threads
sort — Metaproxy Z39.50 Sort Module
sru_z3950 — Metaproxy Module transforming SRU web service requests to Z39.50 Metaproxy packages
template — Metaproxy Template Module That Does Nothing
virt_db — Metaproxy Virtual Databases Module
z3950_client — Metaproxy Z39.50 Backend Client Module
zeerex_explain — Metaproxy Z39.50 ZeeRex Explain Module
zoom — Metaproxy ZOOM Module