metaproxy  1.13.0
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metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Event (const Content *p, std::map< std::string, std::string > &vars, std::list< boost::regex > &skip_list)
 ~Event ()
const char * result ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from metaproxy_1::HTMLParserEvent
virtual ~HTMLParserEvent ()

Private Member Functions

void openTagStart (const char *tag, int tag_len)
void anyTagEnd (const char *tag, int tag_len, int close_it)
void attribute (const char *tag, int tag_len, const char *attr, int attr_len, const char *value, int val_len, const char *sep)
void closeTag (const char *tag, int tag_len)
void text (const char *value, int len)

Private Attributes

const Contentm_content
std::stack< std::list< Within >::const_iterator > s_within
std::map< std::string, std::string > & m_vars
std::list< boost::regex > & m_skips

Detailed Description

Definition at line 104 of file filter_http_rewrite.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::Event ( const Content p,
std::map< std::string, std::string > &  vars,
std::list< boost::regex > &  skip_list 

Referenced by embed_quoted_literal().

metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::~Event ( )

Member Function Documentation

void metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::anyTagEnd ( const char *  tag,
int  tag_len,
int  close_it 
void metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::attribute ( const char *  tag,
int  tag_len,
const char *  attr,
int  attr_len,
const char *  value,
int  val_len,
const char *  sep 
void metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::closeTag ( const char *  tag,
int  tag_len 
void metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::openTagStart ( const char *  tag,
int  tag_len 
const char* metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::result ( )
void metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::text ( const char *  value,
int  len 

Member Data Documentation

const Content* metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::m_content

Definition at line 113 of file filter_http_rewrite.cpp.

std::list<boost::regex>& metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::m_skips

Definition at line 117 of file filter_http_rewrite.cpp.

std::map<std::string, std::string>& metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::m_vars

Definition at line 116 of file filter_http_rewrite.cpp.

WRBUF metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::m_w

Definition at line 114 of file filter_http_rewrite.cpp.

std::stack<std::list<Within>::const_iterator> metaproxy_1::filter::HttpRewrite::Event::s_within

Definition at line 115 of file filter_http_rewrite.cpp.

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