MKJSF - JavaServer Faces library for MasterKey

MKJSF is an open source library that you can include in your JavaServer Pages project to create a search interface on top of Index Data's meta-search engine Pazpar2.

See: Description

Package Description
The library comes with two alternative mechanisms for configuration of an application.
UI controls - a configurable pager component for browsing through search results a page at a time
Error reporting, error diagnostics, and exception classes
Overall control and execution of search logic.
Each Pazpar2 command is represented by a class with methods for setting parameters and running the command against the selected Pazpar2 service.
Each Service Proxy-only command and each Pazpar2 command with Service Proxy-only parameters is represented by a class with methods for setting parameters and ultimately running the command against the selected Service Proxy.
Pazpar2 responses produced by Pazpar2 commands are parsed by the ResponseParser, which outputs response data objects that are accessible to the UI through the class Responses.
Service Proxy responses produced by Service Proxy commands.
Tracks the state of commands, parameter settings and command execution - primarily used for handling browser history navigation.
Utility classes for file upload, string and list manipulation in UI, logging