2. Installing from source

To build from source, you need metaproxy development packages. Metaproxy can be installed as follows:

     sudo make install

Refer to the Metaproxy documentation for requirements and options.

We are now ready to build the MP-SPARQL module with:

     cd mp-sparql-version
     make MP_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/mp-config

Adjust MP_CONFIG value above for the correct location of installed Metaproxy's mp-config. MP_CONFIG can be omitted if Metaproxy was installed in the system PATH.

You can now install the metaproxy_filter_sparql.so in a directory searched by Metaproxy daemon. Specifically, that is the directories given by the dlpath configuration.

If dlpath includes /usr/lib/metaproxy6/modules, the module can be installed with:

     cp src/metaproxy_filter_sparql.so /usr/lib/metaproxy6/modules


For RHEL/CentOS systems on 64-bit architectures, the correct paths is: /usr/lib64/metaproxy6/modules.