4. Using the service

Either way, unless you have adjusted the metaproxy configuration, Metaproxy can be reached on port 9000. Example using yaz-client and PQF/Type-1:

adam@tuna:~$ yaz-client localhost:9000/work
Sent initrequest.
Connection accepted by v3 target.
ID     : 81
Name   : sparql
Version: 1.9.0/5.14.6 87faebe8ef5cab8f6df86f387e8b919b7b9897a8
Options: search present namedResultSets
Elapsed: 0.000961
Z> f @attr 1=bf.anytitle water
Sent searchRequest.
Received SearchResponse.
Search was a success.
Number of hits: 1, setno 1
records returned: 0
Elapsed: 0.279441
Z> s
Sent presentRequest (1+1).
Records: 1
[work]Record type: XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
	xmlns:ns2="http://bibframe.org/vocab/" >
  <rdf:Description rdf:about="http://bibframe.org/resources/sample-lc-2/15513351">
</rdf:RDF>nextResultSetPosition = 0
Elapsed: 0.256142

Example using SRU: http://localhost:9000/work?query=bf.anytitle%3Dwater&maximumRecords=1