pazpar2  1.13.0
database.h File Reference

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struct databasecreate_database_for_service (const char *id, struct conf_service *service)
int session_grep_databases (struct session *se, const char *filter, void(*fun)(struct session *se, struct session_database *db))
int predef_grep_databases (void *context, struct conf_service *service, void(*fun)(void *context, struct database *db))
int match_zurl (const char *zurl, const char *pattern)
struct databasenew_database (const char *id, NMEM nmem)
struct databasenew_database_inherit_settings (const char *id, NMEM nmem, struct settings_array *settings)

Function Documentation

struct database* create_database_for_service ( const char *  id,
struct conf_service service 
int match_zurl ( const char *  zurl,
const char *  pattern 

Definition at line 114 of file database.c.

Referenced by match_criterion(), and update_database_fun().

struct database* new_database ( const char *  id,
NMEM  nmem 

Definition at line 57 of file database.c.

References new_database_inherit_settings().

struct database* new_database_inherit_settings ( const char *  id,
NMEM  nmem,
struct settings_array settings 
int predef_grep_databases ( void *  context,
struct conf_service service,
void(*)(void *context, struct database *db)  fun 
int session_grep_databases ( struct session se,
const char *  filter,
void(*)(struct session *se, struct session_database *db)  fun