pazpar2  1.13.0
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facet_limit.h File Reference
#include <yaz/yaz-util.h>

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typedef struct facet_limitsfacet_limits_t


facet_limits_t facet_limits_create (const char *param)
int facet_limits_num (facet_limits_t fl)
const char * facet_limits_get (facet_limits_t fl, int idx, const char **value)
void facet_limits_destroy (facet_limits_t fl)
facet_limits_t facet_limits_dup (facet_limits_t fl)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct facet_limits* facet_limits_t

Definition at line 25 of file facet_limit.h.

Function Documentation

facet_limits_t facet_limits_create ( const char *  param)
void facet_limits_destroy ( facet_limits_t  fl)
facet_limits_t facet_limits_dup ( facet_limits_t  fl)

Definition at line 42 of file facet_limit.c.

References facet_limits::darray, facet_limits::nmem, and facet_limits::num.

Referenced by client_parse_query().

const char* facet_limits_get ( facet_limits_t  fl,
int  idx,
const char **  value 
int facet_limits_num ( facet_limits_t  fl)

Definition at line 89 of file facet_limit.c.

References facet_limits::num.