pazpar2  1.13.0
Data Fields
record_cluster Struct Reference

#include <record.h>

Data Fields

struct record_metadata ** metadata
union data_types ** sortkeys
struct record_metadata_attrmerge_keys
int relevance_score
int * term_frequency_vec
float * term_frequency_vecf
char * recid
int retrieval_position
WRBUF relevance_explain1
WRBUF relevance_explain2
struct recordrecords
struct record_clustersorted_next
struct reclist_sortparmssort_parms

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file record.h.

Field Documentation

struct record_metadata_attr* record_cluster::merge_keys

Definition at line 90 of file record.h.

Referenced by merge_cluster(), and new_cluster().

struct record_metadata** record_cluster::metadata
char* record_cluster::recid
struct record* record_cluster::records
WRBUF record_cluster::relevance_explain1
WRBUF record_cluster::relevance_explain2
int record_cluster::relevance_score
int record_cluster::retrieval_position

Definition at line 97 of file record.h.

Referenced by new_cluster(), and reclist_cmp().

struct reclist_sortparms* record_cluster::sort_parms

Definition at line 102 of file record.h.

Referenced by reclist_cmp(), and reclist_sort().

struct record_cluster* record_cluster::sorted_next

Definition at line 101 of file record.h.

Referenced by reclist_limit(), reclist_read_record(), and reclist_sort().

union data_types** record_cluster::sortkeys

Definition at line 88 of file record.h.

Referenced by ingest_to_cluster(), new_cluster(), and reclist_cmp().

int* record_cluster::term_frequency_vec
float* record_cluster::term_frequency_vecf

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