Appendix B. Bib-1 diagnostics

List of Bib-1 diagnostics that are known to YAZ.

1 Permanent system error
2 Temporary system error
3 Unsupported search
4 Terms only exclusion (stop) words
5 Too many argument words
6 Too many boolean operators
7 Too many truncated words
8 Too many incomplete subfields
9 Truncated words too short
10 Invalid format for record number (search term)
11 Too many characters in search statement
12 Too many records retrieved
13 Present request out of range
14 System error in presenting records
15 Record no authorized to be sent intersystem
16 Record exceeds Preferred-message-size
17 Record exceeds Maximum-record-size
18 Result set not supported as a search term
19 Only single result set as search term supported
20 Only ANDing of a single result set as search term supported
21 Result set exists and replace indicator off
22 Result set naming not supported
23 Combination of specified databases not supported
24 Element set names not supported
25 Specified element set name not valid for specified database
26 Only a single element set name supported
27 Result set no longer exists - unilaterally deleted by target
28 Result set is in use
29 One of the specified databases is locked
30 Specified result set does not exist
31 Resources exhausted - no results available
32 Resources exhausted - unpredictable partial results available
33 Resources exhausted - valid subset of results available
100 Unspecified error
101 Access-control failure
102 Security challenge required but could not be issued - request terminated
103 Security challenge required but could not be issued - record not included
104 Security challenge failed - record not included
105 Terminated by negative continue response
106 No abstract syntaxes agreed to for this record
107 Query type not supported
108 Malformed query
109 Database unavailable
110 Operator unsupported
111 Too many databases specified
112 Too many result sets created
113 Unsupported attribute type
114 Unsupported Use attribute
115 Unsupported value for Use attribute
116 Use attribute required but not supplied
117 Unsupported Relation attribute
118 Unsupported Structure attribute
119 Unsupported Position attribute
120 Unsupported Truncation attribute
121 Unsupported Attribute Set
122 Unsupported Completeness attribute
123 Unsupported attribute combination
124 Unsupported coded value for term
125 Malformed search term
126 Illegal term value for attribute
127 Unparsable format for un-normalized value
128 Illegal result set name
129 Proximity search of sets not supported
130 Illegal result set in proximity search
131 Unsupported proximity relation
132 Unsupported proximity unit code
201 Proximity not supported with this attribute combination
202 Unsupported distance for proximity
203 Ordered flag not supported for proximity
205 Only zero step size supported for Scan
206 Specified step size not supported for Scan
207 Cannot sort according to sequence
208 No result set name supplied on Sort
209 Generic sort not supported (database-specific sort only supported)
210 Database specific sort not supported
211 Too many sort keys
212 Duplicate sort keys
213 Unsupported missing data action
214 Illegal sort relation
215 Illegal case value
216 Illegal missing data action
217 Segmentation: Cannot guarantee records will fit in specified segments
218 ES: Package name already in use
219 ES: no such package, on modify/delete
220 ES: quota exceeded
221 ES: extended service type not supported
222 ES: permission denied on ES - id not authorized
223 ES: permission denied on ES - cannot modify or delete
224 ES: immediate execution failed
225 ES: immediate execution not supported for this service
226 ES: immediate execution not supported for these parameters
227 No data available in requested record syntax
228 Scan: malformed scan
229 Term type not supported
230 Sort: too many input results
231 Sort: incompatible record formats
232 Scan: term list not supported
233 Scan: unsupported value of position-in-response
234 Too many index terms processed
235 Database does not exist
236 Access to specified database denied
237 Sort: illegal sort
238 Record not available in requested syntax
239 Record syntax not supported
240 Scan: Resources exhausted looking for satisfying terms
241 Scan: Beginning or end of term list
242 Segmentation: max-segment-size too small to segment record
243 Present: additional-ranges parameter not supported
244 Present: comp-spec parameter not supported
245 Type-1 query: restriction ('resultAttr') operand not supported
246 Type-1 query: 'complex' attributeValue not supported
247 Type-1 query: 'attributeSet' as part of AttributeElement not supported
1001 Malformed APDU
1002 ES: EXTERNAL form of Item Order request not supported
1003 ES: Result set item form of Item Order request not supported
1004 ES: Extended services not supported unless access control is in effect
1005 Response records in Search response not supported
1006 Response records in Search response not possible for specified database (or database combination)
1007 No Explain server. Addinfo: pointers to servers that have a surrogate Explain database for this server
1008 ES: missing mandatory parameter for specified function. Addinfo: parameter
1009 ES: Item Order, unsupported OID in itemRequest. Addinfo: OID
1010 Init/AC: Bad Userid
1011 Init/AC: Bad Userid and/or Password
1012 Init/AC: No searches remaining (pre-purchased searches exhausted)
1013 Init/AC: Incorrect interface type (specified id valid only when used with a particular access method or client)
1014 Init/AC: Authentication System error
1015 Init/AC: Maximum number of simultaneous sessions for Userid
1016 Init/AC: Blocked network address
1017 Init/AC: No databases available for specified userId
1018 Init/AC: System temporarily out of resources
1019 Init/AC: System not available due to maintenance
1020 Init/AC: System temporarily unavailable (Addinfo: when it's expected back up)
1021 Init/AC: Account has expired
1022 Init/AC: Password has expired so a new one must be supplied
1023 Init/AC: Password has been changed by an administrator so a new one must be supplied
1024 Unsupported Attribute
1025 Service not supported for this database
1026 Record cannot be opened because it is locked
1027 SQL error
1028 Record deleted
1029 Scan: too many terms requested. Addinfo: max terms supported
1040 ES: Invalid function
1041 ES: Error in retention time
1042 ES: Permissions data not understood
1043 ES: Invalid OID for task specific parameters
1044 ES: Invalid action
1045 ES: Unknown schema
1046 ES: Too many records in package
1047 ES: Invalid wait action
1048 ES: Cannot create task package -- exceeds maximum permissible size
1049 ES: Cannot return task package -- exceeds maximum permissible size
1050 ES: Extended services request too large
1051 Scan: Attribute set id required -- not supplied
1052 ES: Cannot process task package record -- exceeds maximum permissible record size for ES
1053 ES: Cannot return task package record -- exceeds maximum permissible record size for ES response
1054 Init: Required negotiation record not included
1055 Init: negotiation option required
1056 Attribute not supported for database
1057 ES: Unsupported value of task package parameter
1058 Duplicate Detection: Cannot dedup on requested record portion
1059 Duplicate Detection: Requested detection criterion not supported
1060 Duplicate Detection: Requested level of match not supported
1061 Duplicate Detection: Requested regular expression not supported
1062 Duplicate Detection: Cannot do clustering
1063 Duplicate Detection: Retention criterion not supported
1064 Duplicate Detection: Requested number (or percentage) of entries
1065 Duplicate Detection: Requested sort criterion not supported
1066 CompSpec: Unknown schema, or schema not supported.
1067 Encapsulation: Encapsulated sequence of PDUs not supported
1068 Encapsulation: Base operation (and encapsulated PDUs) not executed based on pre-screening analysis
1069 No syntaxes available for this request
1070 user not authorized to receive record(s) in requested syntax
1071 preferredRecordSyntax not supplied
1072 Query term includes characters that do not translate into the target character set
1073 Database records do not contain data associated with access point
1074 Proxy failure