Appendix C. SRU diagnostics

List of SRU diagnostics that are known to YAZ.

1 Permanent system error
2 System temporarily unavailable
3 Authentication error
4 Unsupported operation
5 Unsupported version
6 Unsupported parameter value
7 Mandatory parameter not supplied
8 Unsupported parameter
10 Query syntax error
11 Unsupported query type
12 Too many characters in query
13 Invalid or unsupported use of parentheses
14 Invalid or unsupported use of quotes
15 Unsupported context set
16 Unsupported index
17 Unsupported combination of index and context set
18 Unsupported combination of indexes
19 Unsupported relation
20 Unsupported relation modifier
21 Unsupported combination of relation modifiers
22 Unsupported combination of relation and index
23 Too many characters in term
24 Unsupported combination of relation and term
25 Special characters not quoted in term
26 Non special character escaped in term
27 Empty term unsupported
28 Masking character not supported
29 Masked words too short
30 Too many masking characters in term
31 Anchoring character not supported
32 Anchoring character in unsupported position
33 Combination of proximity/adjacency and masking characters not supported
34 Combination of proximity/adjacency and anchoring characters not supported
35 Term contains only stopwords
36 Term in invalid format for index or relation
37 Unsupported boolean operator
38 Too many boolean operators in query
39 Proximity not supported
40 Unsupported proximity relation
41 Unsupported proximity distance
42 Unsupported proximity unit
43 Unsupported proximity ordering
44 Unsupported combination of proximity modifiers
45 Prefix assigned to multiple identifiers
46 Unsupported boolean modifier
47 Cannot process query; reason unknown
48 Query feature unsupported
49 Masking character in unsupported position
50 Result sets not supported
51 Result set does not exist
52 Result set temporarily unavailable
53 Result sets only supported for retrieval
54 Retrieval may only occur from an existing result set
55 Combination of result sets with search terms not supported
56 Only combination of single result set with search terms supported
57 Result set created but no records available
58 Result set created with unpredictable partial results available
59 Result set created with valid partial results available
60 Result set not created: too many matching records
61 First record position out of range
62 Negative number of records requested
63 System error in retrieving records
64 Record temporarily unavailable
65 Record does not exist
66 Unknown schema for retrieval
67 Record not available in this schema
68 Not authorised to send record
69 Not authorised to send record in this schema
70 Record too large to send
71 Unsupported record packing
72 XPath retrieval unsupported
73 XPath expression contains unsupported feature
74 Unable to evaluate XPath expression
80 Sort not supported
81 Unsupported sort type
82 Unsupported sort sequence
83 Too many records to sort
84 Too many sort keys to sort
85 Duplicate sort keys
86 Cannot sort: incompatible record formats
87 Unsupported schema for sort
88 Unsupported path for sort
89 Path unsupported for schema
90 Unsupported direction value
91 Unsupported case value
92 Unsupported missing value action
93 Sort ended due to missing value
100 Explain not supported
101 Explain request type not supported (SOAP vs GET)
102 Explain record temporarily unavailable
110 Stylesheets not supported
111 Unsupported stylesheet
120 Response position out of range
121 Too many terms requested
235 Database does not exist
236 Access to specified database denied
1015 Init/AC: Maximum number of simultaneous sessions for Userid
1074 Proxy failure