YAZ  5.25.0
Data Fields
Z_AccessInfo Struct Reference

#include <z-exp.h>

Data Fields

int num_queryTypesSupported
Z_QueryTypeDetails ** queryTypesSupported
int num_diagnosticsSets
Odr_oid ** diagnosticsSets
int num_attributeSetIds
Z_AttributeSetId ** attributeSetIds
int num_schemas
Odr_oid ** schemas
int num_recordSyntaxes
Odr_oid ** recordSyntaxes
int num_resourceChallenges
Odr_oid ** resourceChallenges
int num_variantSets
Odr_oid ** variantSets
int num_elementSetNames
Z_ElementSetName ** elementSetNames
int num_unitSystems
Z_InternationalString ** unitSystems

Detailed Description

Definition at line 844 of file z-exp.h.

Field Documentation

◆ attributeSetIds

Z_AttributeSetId** Z_AccessInfo::attributeSetIds

Definition at line 850 of file z-exp.h.

◆ costInfo

Z_Costs* Z_AccessInfo::costInfo

Definition at line 858 of file z-exp.h.

◆ diagnosticsSets

Odr_oid** Z_AccessInfo::diagnosticsSets

Definition at line 848 of file z-exp.h.

◆ elementSetNames

Z_ElementSetName** Z_AccessInfo::elementSetNames

Definition at line 862 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_attributeSetIds

int Z_AccessInfo::num_attributeSetIds

Definition at line 849 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_diagnosticsSets

int Z_AccessInfo::num_diagnosticsSets

Definition at line 847 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_elementSetNames

int Z_AccessInfo::num_elementSetNames

Definition at line 861 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_queryTypesSupported

int Z_AccessInfo::num_queryTypesSupported

Definition at line 845 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_recordSyntaxes

int Z_AccessInfo::num_recordSyntaxes

Definition at line 853 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_resourceChallenges

int Z_AccessInfo::num_resourceChallenges

Definition at line 855 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_schemas

int Z_AccessInfo::num_schemas

Definition at line 851 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_unitSystems

int Z_AccessInfo::num_unitSystems

Definition at line 863 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_variantSets

int Z_AccessInfo::num_variantSets

Definition at line 859 of file z-exp.h.

◆ queryTypesSupported

Z_QueryTypeDetails** Z_AccessInfo::queryTypesSupported

Definition at line 846 of file z-exp.h.

◆ recordSyntaxes

Odr_oid** Z_AccessInfo::recordSyntaxes

Definition at line 854 of file z-exp.h.

◆ resourceChallenges

Odr_oid** Z_AccessInfo::resourceChallenges

Definition at line 856 of file z-exp.h.

◆ restrictedAccess

Z_AccessRestrictions* Z_AccessInfo::restrictedAccess

Definition at line 857 of file z-exp.h.

◆ schemas

Odr_oid** Z_AccessInfo::schemas

Definition at line 852 of file z-exp.h.

◆ unitSystems

Z_InternationalString** Z_AccessInfo::unitSystems

Definition at line 864 of file z-exp.h.

◆ variantSets

Odr_oid** Z_AccessInfo::variantSets

Definition at line 860 of file z-exp.h.

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