YAZ  5.25.0
Data Fields
Z_Query Struct Reference

#include <z-core.h>

Data Fields

int which
union {
   void *   type_0
   Z_RPNQuery *   type_1
   Odr_oct *   type_2
   Odr_oct *   type_100
   Z_RPNQuery *   type_101
   Odr_oct *   type_102
   Z_External *   type_104

Detailed Description

Definition at line 468 of file z-core.h.

Field Documentation

◆ type_0

void* Z_Query::type_0

Definition at line 471 of file z-core.h.

◆ type_1

Z_RPNQuery* Z_Query::type_1

◆ type_100

Odr_oct* Z_Query::type_100

Definition at line 474 of file z-core.h.

Referenced by yaz_log_zquery_level(), yaz_query2xml(), and yaz_query_to_wrbuf().

◆ type_101

Z_RPNQuery* Z_Query::type_101

Definition at line 475 of file z-core.h.

◆ type_102

Odr_oct* Z_Query::type_102

Definition at line 476 of file z-core.h.

◆ type_104

Z_External* Z_Query::type_104

◆ type_2

Odr_oct* Z_Query::type_2

◆ u

union { ... } Z_Query::u

◆ which

int Z_Query::which

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