YAZ  5.25.0
Data Fields
Z_SortKeyDetails Struct Reference

#include <z-exp.h>

Data Fields

int num_elementSpecifications
Z_Specification ** elementSpecifications
int which
union {
   Odr_null *   character
   Odr_null *   numeric
   Z_HumanString *   structured

Detailed Description

Definition at line 632 of file z-exp.h.

Field Documentation

◆ attributeSpecifications

Z_AttributeCombinations* Z_SortKeyDetails::attributeSpecifications

Definition at line 636 of file z-exp.h.

◆ caseSensitivity

Odr_int* Z_SortKeyDetails::caseSensitivity

Definition at line 650 of file z-exp.h.

◆ character

Odr_null* Z_SortKeyDetails::character

Definition at line 639 of file z-exp.h.

◆ description

Z_HumanString* Z_SortKeyDetails::description

Definition at line 633 of file z-exp.h.

◆ elementSpecifications

Z_Specification** Z_SortKeyDetails::elementSpecifications

Definition at line 635 of file z-exp.h.

◆ num_elementSpecifications

int Z_SortKeyDetails::num_elementSpecifications

Definition at line 634 of file z-exp.h.

◆ numeric

Odr_null* Z_SortKeyDetails::numeric

Definition at line 640 of file z-exp.h.

◆ structured

Z_HumanString* Z_SortKeyDetails::structured

Definition at line 641 of file z-exp.h.

◆ u

union { ... } Z_SortKeyDetails::u

◆ which

int Z_SortKeyDetails::which

Definition at line 637 of file z-exp.h.

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