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Bib1Diagnostic - Class in org.yaz4j.exception
Bib1Diagnostic() - Constructor for class org.yaz4j.exception.Bib1Diagnostic
Bib1Exception - Exception in org.yaz4j.exception
Bib1Exception() - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.Bib1Exception
Bib1Exception(String) - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.Bib1Exception


clone() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Record
close() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Closes the connection.
closed - Variable in class org.yaz4j.Connection
connect() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Establishes a connection to the remote server.
Connection - Class in org.yaz4j
Class representing an on-going communication with an IR server.
Connection(String, int) - Constructor for class org.yaz4j.Connection
Create new connection object without physically opening a connection to the remote server.
Connection.QueryType - Enum in org.yaz4j
ConnectionExtended - Class in org.yaz4j
Offers an interface to a subset of the Z39.50 extended services as well as a few privately defined ones.
ConnectionExtended(String, int) - Constructor for class org.yaz4j.ConnectionExtended
ConnectionTimeoutException - Exception in org.yaz4j.exception
ConnectionTimeoutException() - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.ConnectionTimeoutException
ConnectionTimeoutException(String) - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.ConnectionTimeoutException
ConnectionUnavailableException - Exception in org.yaz4j.exception
ConnectionUnavailableException() - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.ConnectionUnavailableException
ConnectionUnavailableException(String) - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.ConnectionUnavailableException
CQLQuery - Class in org.yaz4j
CQLQuery(String) - Constructor for class org.yaz4j.CQLQuery


finalize() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
finalize() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Package
finalize() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Query
finalize() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Record
finalize() - Method in class org.yaz4j.ResultSet
finalize() - Method in class org.yaz4j.ScanSet


get(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Record
get(long) - Method in class org.yaz4j.ScanSet
getContent() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Record
getDatabase() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Record
getDatabaseName() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Same as option("databaseName")
getError(int) - Static method in class org.yaz4j.exception.Bib1Diagnostic
getHitCount() - Method in class org.yaz4j.ResultSet
getOccurences() - Method in class org.yaz4j.ScanTerm
getPackage(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.ConnectionExtended
Creates an extended-services package for the connection.
getPassword() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Same as option("password")
getRecord(long) - Method in class org.yaz4j.ResultSet
getRecords(long, int) - Method in class org.yaz4j.ResultSet
Retrieve a collection of records at once.
getSize() - Method in class org.yaz4j.ScanSet
getSyntax() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Same as option("preferredRecordSyntax")
getSyntax() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Record
getTerm() - Method in class org.yaz4j.ScanTerm
getUsername() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Same as option("user")


InitRejectedException - Exception in org.yaz4j.exception
InitRejectedException() - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.InitRejectedException
InitRejectedException(String) - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.InitRejectedException
InvalidQueryException - Exception in org.yaz4j.exception
InvalidQueryException() - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.InvalidQueryException
InvalidQueryException(String) - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.InvalidQueryException
iterator() - Method in class org.yaz4j.ResultSet
iterator() - Method in class org.yaz4j.ScanSet


option(String, String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Write option with a given name.
option(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Read option with a given name
option(String, String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Package
Write option for a specified key
option(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Package
Read option for a specified key.
option(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.ResultSet
Read option by name.
option(String, String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.ResultSet
Write option with a given name.
org.yaz4j - package org.yaz4j
Classes within this package expose the Z39.50 Object Orientation Model (ZOOM) API and additional extensions implemented by YAZ.
org.yaz4j.exception - package org.yaz4j.exception


Package - Class in org.yaz4j
Allows to perform an extended-service operation.
PrefixQuery - Class in org.yaz4j
PrefixQuery(String) - Constructor for class org.yaz4j.PrefixQuery


Query - Class in org.yaz4j
Query(String) - Constructor for class org.yaz4j.Query


Record - Class in org.yaz4j
Record(SWIGTYPE_p_ZOOM_record_p) - Constructor for class org.yaz4j.Record
render() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Record
ResultSet - Class in org.yaz4j
This class represents a "buffered handle" to the result set created on the server and thus retrieving records may involve a request to the server if those records are not locally cached.


scan(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Only allows PQF scan queries, use scan(Query) instead
scan(Query) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Performs a scan operation (obtains a list of candidate search terms against a particular access point).
ScanSet - Class in org.yaz4j
ScanTerm - Class in org.yaz4j
search(String, Connection.QueryType) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Does not allow specifying sort criteria prior to search use search(Query) instead.
search(Query) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Performs a search operation (submits the query to the server, waits for response and creates a new result set that allows to retrieve particular results).
send() - Method in class org.yaz4j.Package
Send the package.
setDatabaseName(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Same as option("databaseName", value)
setPassword(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Same as option("password", value)
setSyntax(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Same as option("preferredRecordSyntax", value)
setUsername(String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Connection
Same as option("user", value)
sort(String, String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.ResultSet
sortBy(String, String) - Method in class org.yaz4j.Query


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.yaz4j.Connection.QueryType
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum org.yaz4j.Connection.QueryType
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.


zoomConnection - Variable in class org.yaz4j.Connection
ZoomException - Exception in org.yaz4j.exception
Generic exception representing any ZOOM-C error situation.
ZoomException() - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.ZoomException
ZoomException(String) - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.ZoomException
ZoomImplementationException - Exception in org.yaz4j.exception
ZoomImplementationException() - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.ZoomImplementationException
ZoomImplementationException(String) - Constructor for exception org.yaz4j.exception.ZoomImplementationException
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