IDZEBRA  2.1.3
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d1_sutrs.c File Reference
#include <idzebra/data1.h>

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#define NTOBUF_INDENT   2
#define NTOBUF_MARGIN   75


static int wordlen (char *b, int i)
static int nodetobuf (data1_node *n, int select, WRBUF b, int indent, int col)
char * data1_nodetobuf (data1_handle dh, data1_node *n, int select, int *len)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define NTOBUF_INDENT   2

Definition at line 27 of file d1_sutrs.c.

Referenced by nodetobuf().

#define NTOBUF_MARGIN   75

Definition at line 28 of file d1_sutrs.c.

Referenced by nodetobuf().

Function Documentation

char* data1_nodetobuf ( data1_handle  dh,
data1_node n,
int  select,
int *  len 

Definition at line 141 of file d1_sutrs.c.

References data1_get_wrbuf(), and nodetobuf().

Referenced by zebra_grs_retrieve().

static int nodetobuf ( data1_node n,
int  select,
int  indent,
int  col 
static int wordlen ( char *  b,
int  i 

Definition at line 30 of file d1_sutrs.c.

References d1_isspace.

Referenced by nodetobuf().