IDZEBRA  2.1.3
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dfap.h File Reference
#include <dfa.h>

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Data Structures

struct  DFA_parse
struct  DFA_stateb_
struct  DFA_states


typedef struct DFA_stateb_ DFA_stateb


int init_DFA_states (struct DFA_states **dfasp, DFASetType st, int hash)
int rm_DFA_states (struct DFA_states **dfasp)
int add_DFA_state (struct DFA_states *dfas, DFASet *s, struct DFA_state **sp)
struct DFA_stateget_DFA_state (struct DFA_states *dfas)
void sort_DFA_states (struct DFA_states *dfas)
void add_DFA_tran (struct DFA_states *, struct DFA_state *, int, int, int)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct DFA_stateb_ DFA_stateb

Function Documentation

int add_DFA_state ( struct DFA_states dfas,
DFASet s,
struct DFA_state **  sp 
void add_DFA_tran ( struct DFA_states ,
struct DFA_state ,
int  ,
int  ,
struct DFA_state* get_DFA_state ( struct DFA_states dfas)
int init_DFA_states ( struct DFA_states **  dfasp,
DFASetType  st,
int  hash 
int rm_DFA_states ( struct DFA_states **  dfasp)
void sort_DFA_states ( struct DFA_states dfas)