IDZEBRA  2.1.3
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isamb.h File Reference
#include <idzebra/bfile.h>
#include <idzebra/isamc.h>

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typedef struct ISAMB_sISAMB
typedef struct ISAMB_PP_sISAMB_PP


ISAMB isamb_open (BFiles bfs, const char *name, int writeflag, ISAMC_M *method, int cache)
ISAMB isamb_open2 (BFiles bfs, const char *name, int writeflag, ISAMC_M *method, int cache, int no_cat, int *sizes, int use_root_ptr)
void isamb_close (ISAMB isamb)
void isamb_merge (ISAMB b, ISAM_P *pos, ISAMC_I *data)
ISAMB_PP isamb_pp_open (ISAMB isamb, ISAM_P pos, int scope)
int isamb_pp_read (ISAMB_PP pp, void *buf)
int isamb_pp_forward (ISAMB_PP pp, void *buf, const void *untilbuf)
void isamb_pp_pos (ISAMB_PP pp, double *current, double *total)
void isamb_pp_close (ISAMB_PP pp)
int isamb_unlink (ISAMB b, ISAM_P pos)
ISAMB_PP isamb_pp_open_x (ISAMB isamb, ISAM_P pos, int *level, int scope)
void isamb_pp_close_x (ISAMB_PP pp, zint *size, zint *blocks)
int isamb_block_info (ISAMB isamb, int cat)
void isamb_dump (ISAMB b, ISAM_P pos, void(*pr)(const char *str))
zint isamb_get_int_splits (ISAMB b)
zint isamb_get_leaf_splits (ISAMB b)
void isamb_set_int_count (ISAMB b, int v)
void isamb_set_cache_size (ISAMB b, int sz)
zint isamb_get_root_ptr (ISAMB b)
void isamb_set_root_ptr (ISAMB b, zint root_ptr)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct ISAMB_s* ISAMB

Definition at line 28 of file isamb.h.

typedef struct ISAMB_PP_s* ISAMB_PP

Definition at line 29 of file isamb.h.

Function Documentation

int isamb_block_info ( ISAMB  isamb,
int  cat 

Definition at line 1421 of file isamb.c.

References ISAMB_head::block_size, ISAMB_block::cat, ISAMB_s::file, and ISAMB_file::head.

Referenced by zebra_register_statistics().

void isamb_close ( ISAMB  isamb)
void isamb_dump ( ISAMB  b,
ISAM_P  pos,
void(*)(const char *str)  pr 

Definition at line 1496 of file isamb.c.

References isamb_dump_r().

Referenced by bench_insert(), recindex_close(), tst_insert(), tst_minsert(), and tst_random().

zint isamb_get_int_splits ( ISAMB  b)

Definition at line 1657 of file isamb.c.

References ISAMB_s::number_of_int_splits.

Referenced by index_block_flush().

zint isamb_get_leaf_splits ( ISAMB  b)

Definition at line 1662 of file isamb.c.

References ISAMB_s::number_of_leaf_splits.

Referenced by index_block_flush().

zint isamb_get_root_ptr ( ISAMB  b)

Definition at line 1667 of file isamb.c.

References ISAMB_s::root_ptr.

Referenced by recindex_open(), and zebra_sort_type().

void isamb_merge ( ISAMB  b,
ISAM_P pos,
ISAMC_I data 
ISAMB isamb_open ( BFiles  bfs,
const char *  name,
int  writeflag,
ISAMC_M method,
int  cache 

Definition at line 350 of file isamb.c.

References CAT_NO, ISAMB_FAC_SIZE, ISAMB_MIN_SIZE, and isamb_open2().

Referenced by main(), and zebra_register_open().

ISAMB isamb_open2 ( BFiles  bfs,
const char *  name,
int  writeflag,
ISAMC_M method,
int  cache,
int  no_cat,
int *  sizes,
int  use_root_ptr 
void isamb_pp_close ( ISAMB_PP  pp)
void isamb_pp_close_x ( ISAMB_PP  pp,
zint size,
zint blocks 
int isamb_pp_forward ( ISAMB_PP  pp,
void *  buf,
const void *  untilbuf 
ISAMB_PP isamb_pp_open ( ISAMB  isamb,
ISAM_P  pos,
int  scope 
ISAMB_PP isamb_pp_open_x ( ISAMB  isamb,
ISAM_P  pos,
int *  level,
int  scope 
void isamb_pp_pos ( ISAMB_PP  pp,
double *  current,
double *  total 

Definition at line 1507 of file isamb.c.

References ISAMB_PP_s::block, ISAMB_DEBUG, ISAMB_block::no_items, ISAMB_PP_s::returned_numbers, and ZINT_FORMAT.

Referenced by r_pos().

int isamb_pp_read ( ISAMB_PP  pp,
void *  buf 
void isamb_set_cache_size ( ISAMB  b,
int  sz 

Definition at line 199 of file isamb.c.

References ISAMB_s::cache_size.

Referenced by main().

void isamb_set_int_count ( ISAMB  b,
int  v 

Definition at line 194 of file isamb.c.

References ISAMB_s::enable_int_count.

Referenced by main().

void isamb_set_root_ptr ( ISAMB  b,
zint  root_ptr 

Definition at line 1672 of file isamb.c.

References ISAMB_s::root_ptr.

Referenced by recindex_close(), and zebra_sort_close().

int isamb_unlink ( ISAMB  b,
ISAM_P  pos