IDZEBRA  2.1.3
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lexer.h File Reference

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int read_file (const char *, struct DFA *)
void error (const char *,...)


int ccluse

Function Documentation

void error ( const char *  ,

Definition at line 51 of file agrep.c.

References prog.

Referenced by facet_fetch(), read_defs(), read_file(), read_rules(), sort_fetch(), and special_index_fetch().

int read_file ( const char *  ,
struct DFA  

Definition at line 141 of file readfile.c.

References err_no, error(), inf, inf_name, line_no, outf, read_defs(), read_rules(), and read_tail().

Referenced by main().

Variable Documentation

int ccluse

Definition at line 49 of file lexer.c.

Referenced by lexer_options().