IDZEBRA  2.1.4
Data Fields
ZebraRecStream Struct Reference

record reader stream More...

#include <recctrl.h>

Data Fields

void * fh
int(* readf )(struct ZebraRecStream *s, char *buf, size_t count)
 read function More...
off_t(* seekf )(struct ZebraRecStream *s, off_t offset)
 seek function More...
off_t(* tellf )(struct ZebraRecStream *s)
 tell function More...
off_t(* endf )(struct ZebraRecStream *s, off_t *offset)
 set and get of record position More...
void(* destroy )(struct ZebraRecStream *s)
 close and destroy stream More...

Detailed Description

record reader stream

Definition at line 71 of file recctrl.h.

Field Documentation

◆ destroy

void(* ZebraRecStream::destroy) (struct ZebraRecStream *s)

◆ endf

off_t(* ZebraRecStream::endf) (struct ZebraRecStream *s, off_t *offset)

◆ fh

void* ZebraRecStream::fh

◆ readf

int(* ZebraRecStream::readf) (struct ZebraRecStream *s, char *buf, size_t count)

◆ seekf

off_t(* ZebraRecStream::seekf) (struct ZebraRecStream *s, off_t offset)

seek function

Definition at line 77 of file recctrl.h.

Referenced by grs_read_regx(), zebra_create_stream_fd(), zebra_create_stream_mem(), and zebra_extract_record_stream().

◆ tellf

off_t(* ZebraRecStream::tellf) (struct ZebraRecStream *s)

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