IDZEBRA  2.1.3
Data Fields
data1_tag Struct Reference

#include <data1.h>

Data Fields

int which
union {
   int   numeric
   char *   string
data1_datatype kind
struct data1_tagsettagset
struct data1_tagnext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 201 of file data1.h.

Field Documentation

data1_datatype data1_tag::kind

Definition at line 212 of file data1.h.

Referenced by data1_nodetogr(), data1_read_absyn(), and data1_read_tagset().

data1_name* data1_tag::names
struct data1_tag* data1_tag::next
int data1_tag::numeric
char* data1_tag::string
struct data1_tagset* data1_tag::tagset
union { ... } data1_tag::value
int data1_tag::which

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