IDZEBRA  2.1.3
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zebramap.h File Reference
#include <yaz/proto.h>
#include <idzebra/res.h>

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typedef struct zebra_maps_szebra_maps_t
typedef struct zebra_mapzebra_map_t


zebra_maps_t zebra_maps_open (Res res, const char *base_path, const char *profile_path)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_maps_read_file (zebra_maps_t zms, const char *fname)
void zebra_maps_define_default_sort (zebra_maps_t zms)
void zebra_maps_close (zebra_maps_t zm)
const char ** zebra_maps_input (zebra_map_t zm, const char **from, int len, int first)
const char ** zebra_maps_search (zebra_map_t zm, const char **from, int len, int *q_map_match)
const char * zebra_maps_output (zebra_map_t zm, const char **from)
int zebra_maps_attr (zebra_maps_t zms, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, const char **reg_id, char **search_type, char *rank_type, int *complete_flag, int *sort_flag)
int zebra_maps_sort (zebra_maps_t zms, Z_SortAttributes *sortAttributes, int *numerical)
int zebra_maps_is_complete (zebra_map_t zm)
int zebra_maps_is_sort (zebra_map_t zm)
int zebra_maps_is_index (zebra_map_t zm)
int zebra_maps_is_staticrank (zebra_map_t zm)
int zebra_maps_is_alwaysmatches (zebra_map_t zm)
int zebra_maps_is_positioned (zebra_map_t zm)
int zebra_maps_is_icu (zebra_map_t zm)
int zebra_maps_is_first_in_field (zebra_map_t zm)
WRBUF zebra_replace (zebra_map_t zm, const char *ex_list, const char *input_str, int input_len)
zebra_map_t zebra_map_get (zebra_maps_t zms, const char *id)
zebra_map_t zebra_map_get_or_add (zebra_maps_t zms, const char *id)
int zebra_map_tokenize_start (zebra_map_t zm, const char *buf, size_t len)
int zebra_map_tokenize_next (zebra_map_t zm, const char **result_buf, size_t *result_len, const char **display_buf, size_t *display_len)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct zebra_map* zebra_map_t

Definition at line 29 of file zebramap.h.

typedef struct zebra_maps_s* zebra_maps_t

Definition at line 28 of file zebramap.h.

Function Documentation

zebra_map_t zebra_map_get ( zebra_maps_t  zms,
const char *  id 
zebra_map_t zebra_map_get_or_add ( zebra_maps_t  zms,
const char *  id 
int zebra_map_tokenize_next ( zebra_map_t  zm,
const char **  result_buf,
size_t *  result_len,
const char **  display_buf,
size_t *  display_len 
int zebra_map_tokenize_start ( zebra_map_t  zm,
const char *  buf,
size_t  len 
int zebra_maps_attr ( zebra_maps_t  zms,
Z_AttributesPlusTerm *  zapt,
const char **  reg_id,
char **  search_type,
char *  rank_type,
int *  complete_flag,
int *  sort_flag 

Definition at line 514 of file zebramap.c.

References attr_find(), attr_find_ex(), attr_init_APT(), and zebra_map::completeness.

Referenced by rpn_scan(), and rpn_search_database().

void zebra_maps_close ( zebra_maps_t  zm)
void zebra_maps_define_default_sort ( zebra_maps_t  zms)

Definition at line 348 of file zebramap.c.

References zebra_map::sort, zebra_map::u, zebra_add_map(), and ZEBRA_MAP_TYPE_SORT.

Referenced by zebra_register_open().

const char** zebra_maps_input ( zebra_map_t  zm,
const char **  from,
int  len,
int  first 
int zebra_maps_is_alwaysmatches ( zebra_map_t  zm)

Definition at line 484 of file zebramap.c.

References zebra_map::alwaysmatches.

Referenced by extract_add_string().

int zebra_maps_is_complete ( zebra_map_t  zm)

Definition at line 449 of file zebramap.c.

References zebra_map::completeness.

Referenced by extract_token_add(), and snippet_token_add().

int zebra_maps_is_first_in_field ( zebra_map_t  zm)
int zebra_maps_is_icu ( zebra_map_t  zm)
int zebra_maps_is_index ( zebra_map_t  zm)
int zebra_maps_is_positioned ( zebra_map_t  zm)

Definition at line 456 of file zebramap.c.

References zebra_map::positioned.

int zebra_maps_is_sort ( zebra_map_t  zm)

Definition at line 477 of file zebramap.c.

References zebra_map::type, and ZEBRA_MAP_TYPE_SORT.

Referenced by extract_add_string().

int zebra_maps_is_staticrank ( zebra_map_t  zm)

Definition at line 470 of file zebramap.c.

References zebra_map::type, and ZEBRA_MAP_TYPE_STATICRANK.

Referenced by extract_add_string().

zebra_maps_t zebra_maps_open ( Res  res,
const char *  base_path,
const char *  profile_path 
const char* zebra_maps_output ( zebra_map_t  zm,
const char **  from 

Definition at line 437 of file zebramap.c.

References chr_map_output(), zebra_map::maptab, and zebra_charmap_get().

Referenced by main(), and zebra_term_untrans().

ZEBRA_RES zebra_maps_read_file ( zebra_maps_t  zms,
const char *  fname 
const char** zebra_maps_search ( zebra_map_t  zm,
const char **  from,
int  len,
int *  q_map_match 
int zebra_maps_sort ( zebra_maps_t  zms,
Z_SortAttributes *  sortAttributes,
int *  numerical 

Definition at line 498 of file zebramap.c.

References attr_find(), and attr_init_AttrList().

WRBUF zebra_replace ( zebra_map_t  zm,
const char *  ex_list,
const char *  input_str,
int  input_len 

Definition at line 618 of file zebramap.c.

References zebra_maps_s::wrbuf_1, and zebra_map::zebra_maps.

Referenced by zebra_string_norm().