pazpar2  1.13.0
Data Structures | Functions
reclists.h File Reference
#include "pazpar2_config.h"
#include "record.h"
#include "relevance.h"

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Data Structures

struct  reclist_sortparms


struct reclistreclist_create (NMEM)
void reclist_destroy (struct reclist *l)
void reclist_limit (struct reclist *l, struct session *session, int lazy)
struct record_clusterreclist_insert (struct reclist *tl, struct relevance *r, struct conf_service *service, struct record *record, struct record_metadata_attr *merge_keys, int *total)
void reclist_sort (struct reclist *l, struct reclist_sortparms *parms)
struct record_clusterreclist_read_record (struct reclist *l)
void reclist_enter (struct reclist *l)
void reclist_leave (struct reclist *l)
void reclist_rewind (struct reclist *l)
struct reclist_sortparmsreclist_parse_sortparms (NMEM nmem, const char *parms, struct conf_service *service)
int reclist_get_num_records (struct reclist *l)
struct record_clusterreclist_get_cluster (struct reclist *l, int i)
int reclist_sortparms_cmp (struct reclist_sortparms *sort1, struct reclist_sortparms *sort2)

Function Documentation

struct reclist* reclist_create ( NMEM  )
void reclist_destroy ( struct reclist l)
void reclist_enter ( struct reclist l)
struct record_cluster* reclist_get_cluster ( struct reclist l,
int  i 
int reclist_get_num_records ( struct reclist l)

Definition at line 400 of file reclists.c.

References reclist::num_records.

Referenced by client_got_records(), cmd_show(), and show_range_start().

struct record_cluster* reclist_insert ( struct reclist tl,
struct relevance r,
struct conf_service service,
struct record record,
struct record_metadata_attr merge_keys,
int *  total 
void reclist_leave ( struct reclist l)
void reclist_limit ( struct reclist l,
struct session session,
int  lazy 
struct reclist_sortparms* reclist_parse_sortparms ( NMEM  nmem,
const char *  parms,
struct conf_service service 
struct record_cluster* reclist_read_record ( struct reclist l)
void reclist_rewind ( struct reclist l)

Definition at line 356 of file reclists.c.

References reclist::sorted_list, and reclist::sorted_ptr.

Referenced by relevance_prepare_read().

void reclist_sort ( struct reclist l,
struct reclist_sortparms parms 
int reclist_sortparms_cmp ( struct reclist_sortparms sort1,
struct reclist_sortparms sort2 

Definition at line 564 of file reclists.c.

References reclist_sortparms::increasing, reclist_sortparms::name, and reclist_sortparms::type.

Referenced by session_sort().