pazpar2  1.13.0
relevance.h File Reference
#include <yaz/yaz-util.h>
#include <yaz/ccl.h>
#include "charsets.h"

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struct relevancerelevance_create_ccl (pp2_charset_fact_t pft, struct ccl_rpn_node *query, int rank_cluster, double follow_factor, double lead_decay, int length_divide)
void relevance_clear (struct relevance *r)
void relevance_destroy (struct relevance **rp)
void relevance_newrec (struct relevance *r, struct record_cluster *cluster)
void relevance_mergerec (struct relevance *r, struct record_cluster *dst, const struct record_cluster *src)
void relevance_countwords (struct relevance *r, struct record_cluster *cluster, const char *words, const char *multiplier, const char *name)
int relevance_snippet (struct relevance *r, const char *words, const char *name, WRBUF w_snippet)
void relevance_donerecord (struct relevance *r, struct record_cluster *cluster)
void relevance_prepare_read (struct relevance *rel, struct reclist *rec)

Function Documentation

void relevance_clear ( struct relevance r)

Definition at line 530 of file relevance.c.

References relevance::doc_frequency_vec, and relevance::vec_len.

Referenced by relevance_create_ccl(), and session_clear_set().

void relevance_countwords ( struct relevance r,
struct record_cluster cluster,
const char *  words,
const char *  multiplier,
const char *  name 
struct relevance* relevance_create_ccl ( pp2_charset_fact_t  pft,
struct ccl_rpn_node *  query,
int  rank_cluster,
double  follow_factor,
double  lead_decay,
int  length_divide 
void relevance_destroy ( struct relevance **  rp)

Definition at line 575 of file relevance.c.

References pp2_charset_token_destroy().

Referenced by session_destroy(), and session_search().

void relevance_donerecord ( struct relevance r,
struct record_cluster cluster 
void relevance_mergerec ( struct relevance r,
struct record_cluster dst,
const struct record_cluster src 
void relevance_newrec ( struct relevance r,
struct record_cluster cluster 
void relevance_prepare_read ( struct relevance rel,
struct reclist rec 
int relevance_snippet ( struct relevance r,
const char *  words,
const char *  name,
WRBUF  w_snippet