YAZ  5.25.0
ccl_xml.h File Reference

Header for CCL + XML stuff. More...

#include <yaz/ccl.h>
#include <yaz/xmltypes.h>

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int ccl_xml_config (CCL_bibset bibset, const xmlNode *ptr, const char **addinfo)
 configures CCL bibset using XML configuration More...

Detailed Description

Header for CCL + XML stuff.

Definition in file ccl_xml.h.

Function Documentation

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int ccl_xml_config ( CCL_bibset  bibset,
const xmlNode *  ptr,
const char **  addinfo 

configures CCL bibset using XML configuration

bibsetCCL bibliographic profile
ptrxml node pointer pointing to "cclmap" element
addinfohas error message if configuration could not be parsed
Return values
-1errors. Inspect addinfo for error message

Configuration example:

<cclmap defaultattrset="bib-1">
   <qual name="term">
       <attr type="u" value="1016"/>
       <attr type="s" value="pw"/>
   <qual name="title">
       <attr type="u" value="4"/>
   <qual name="distributor">
       <attr attrset="gils" type="u" value="2000"/>
  <directive name="and" value="+"/>

Definition at line 182 of file cclxmlconfig.c.

References ccl_xml_config_directive(), ccl_xml_config_qual(), wrbuf_alloc(), and wrbuf_destroy().