YAZ  5.27.1
src Directory Reference


file  advancegreek.c [code]
 Advance Greek encoding and decoding.
file  atoin.c [code]
 Implements atoi_n function.
file  backtrace.c [code]
 get information for abnormal terminated, crashes, etc
file  base64.c [code]
 Base64 encode/decode utilities.
file  ber_any.c [code]
 Implements BER ANY encoding and decoding.
file  ber_bit.c [code]
 Implements BER BITSTRING encoding and decoding.
file  ber_bool.c [code]
 Implements BER BOOLEAN encoding and decoding.
file  ber_int.c [code]
 Implements BER INTEGER encoding and decoding.
file  ber_len.c [code]
 Implements BER length octet encoding and decoding.
file  ber_null.c [code]
 Implements ber_null.
file  ber_oct.c [code]
 Implements ber_octetstring.
file  ber_oid.c [code]
 Implements BER OID encoding and decoding.
file  ber_tag.c [code]
 Implements BER tags encoding and decoding.
file  ccl_stop_words.c [code]
 Removes stop words from terms in RPN tree.
file  cclerrms.c [code]
 Implements CCL error code to error string map.
file  cclfind.c [code]
 Implements parsing of a CCL FIND query.
file  cclp.h [code]
 CCL header with private definitions.
file  cclptree.c [code]
 Implements CCL parse tree printing.
file  cclqfile.c [code]
 Implements parsing of CCL qualifier specs in files.
file  cclqual.c [code]
 Implements CCL qualifier utilities.
file  cclstr.c [code]
 Implements CCL string compare utilities.
file  ccltoken.c [code]
 Implements CCL lexical analyzer (scanner)
file  cclxmlconfig.c [code]
 XML configuration for CCL.
file  charconv.tcl [code]
file  charneg.c [code]
 Implements Z39.50 Charset negotiation utilities.
file  comstack.c [code]
 Implements Generic COMSTACK functions.
file  condvar.c [code]
 Wraps condition variables.
file  cookie.c [code]
 HTTP cookie utility.
file  copy_types.c [code]
 Copies various Z39.50 types.
file  cql.c [code]
 Implements CQL parser.
file  cql2ccl.c [code]
 Implements CQL to CCL conversion.
file  cql_sortkeys.c [code]
 CQL sortkeys utilities.
file  cqlstdio.c [code]
 Implements query stream reading using FILE handle.
file  cqlstrer.c [code]
 Implements CQL error code map to description string.
file  cqlstring.c [code]
 Implements query stream reader that reads from a C string.
file  cqltransform.c [code]
 Implements CQL transform (CQL to RPN conversion).
file  cqlutil.c [code]
 Implements CQL tree node utilities.
file  csvtodiag.tcl [code]
file  csvtosru_update.tcl [code]
file  daemon.c [code]
 Unix daemon management.
file  diag-entry.c [code]
 Diagnostic table lookup.
file  diag-entry.h [code]
 Diagnostic table lookup header.
file  diag_map.c [code]
 Implements SRU/Z39.50 diagnostic mappings.
file  diagbib1.c [code]
 Diagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./bib1.csv.
file  diagsru_update.c [code]
 Diagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./sru_update.csv.
file  diagsrw.c [code]
 Diagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./srw.csv.
file  dirent.c [code]
 Implement opendir/readdir/closedir on Windows.
file  dumpber.c [code]
 Implements BER dumping.
file  elementset.c [code]
 Z39.50 element set utilities.
file  errno.c [code]
 errno utilities
file  eventl.c [code]
 Implements event loop handling for GFS.
file  eventl.h [code]
 Definitions for event loop handling for GFS.
file  facet.c [code]
 Facet utilities.
file  file_glob.c [code]
 File globbing (ala POSIX glob, but simpler)
file  gettimeofday.c [code]
 Implements wrapper for gettimeofday.
file  grs1disp.c [code]
 Implements display of GRS-1 records.
file  http.c [code]
 Implements HTTP decoding.
file  iconv-p.h [code]
 Internal header for iconv.
file  iconv_decode_danmarc.c [code]
 Danmarc2 character set decoding.
file  iconv_decode_iso5426.c [code]
 ISO 5426 decoding.
file  iconv_decode_marc8.c [code]
 MARC-8 decoding.
file  iconv_encode_danmarc.c [code]
 Danmarc2 character set encoding.
file  iconv_encode_iso_8859_1.c [code]
 ISO-8859-1 encoding / decoding.
file  iconv_encode_marc8.c [code]
 MARC-8 encoding.
file  iconv_encode_wchar.c [code]
 WCHAR_T iconv encoding / decoding.
file  icu_casemap.c [code]
 ICU character case (u_strToUpper, etc)
file  icu_chain.c [code]
 ICU chain.
file  icu_sortkey.c [code]
 sortkey utility based on ICU Collator
file  icu_tokenizer.c [code]
 ICU tokenization - using ubrk_-functions from ICU.
file  icu_transform.c [code]
 ICU transforms - using utrans_-functions from ICU.
file  icu_utf16.c [code]
 UTF-16 string utilities for ICU.
file  icu_utf8.c [code]
 UTF-8 string utilities for ICU.
file  ill-core.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ISO-10161-ILL-1.
file  ill-get.c [code]
 Implements ILL package creator utilities.
file  ill.tcl [code]
file  init_diag.c [code]
 Decoding of diagnostics embedded in init response.
file  init_globals.c [code]
 Initialize global things.
file  initopt.c [code]
 Implements Z39.50 Init Options Utility.
file  iso5426.c [code]
 Character conversion, generated from ./codetables-iso5426.xml.
file  iso5428.c [code]
 ISO-5428:1984 encoding and decoding.
file  item-req.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module Z39.50-extendedService-ItemOrder-ItemRequest-1.
file  json.c [code]
 JSON encoding/decoding.
file  log.c [code]
 Logging utility.
file  logrpn.c [code]
 Implements Z39.50 Query Printing.
file  malloc_info.c [code]
 Malloc info reporting via WRBUF.
file  marc8.c [code]
 Character conversion, generated from ./codetables.xml.
file  marc8r.c [code]
 Character conversion, generated from ./codetables.xml.
file  marc_read_iso2709.c [code]
 Implements reading of MARC as ISO2709.
file  marc_read_json.c [code]
 Implements reading of MARC in JSON format.
file  marc_read_line.c [code]
 Implements reading of MARC in line format.
file  marc_read_xml.c [code]
 Implements reading of MARC as XML.
file  marcdisp.c [code]
 Implements MARC conversion utilities.
file  match_glob.c [code]
 Glob expression match.
file  matchstr.c [code]
 a couple of string utilities
file  mime.c [code]
 Small utility to manage MIME types.
file  mime.h [code]
 Small utility to manage MIME types.
file  mutex-p.h [code]
 Declares internal definitions of for Mutex functions.
file  mutex.c [code]
 Implements MUTEX functions.
file  nmem.c [code]
 Implements Nibble Memory.
file  nmemsdup.c [code]
 Implements NMEM dup utilities.
file  oclc-ill-req-ext.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module OCLCILLRequestExtension.
file  odr-priv.h [code]
 Internal ODR definitions.
file  odr.c [code]
 Implements fundamental ODR functionality.
file  odr_any.c [code]
 Implements ODR ANY codec.
file  odr_bit.c [code]
 Implements ODR BITSTRING codec.
file  odr_bool.c [code]
 Implements ODR BOOLEAN codec.
file  odr_choice.c [code]
 Implements ODR CHOICE codec.
file  odr_cons.c [code]
 Implements ODR constructed codec.
file  odr_enum.c [code]
 Implements ODR ENUM codec.
file  odr_int.c [code]
 Implements ODR INTEGER codec.
file  odr_mem.c [code]
 Implements ODR memory management.
file  odr_null.c [code]
 Implements ODR NULL codec.
file  odr_oct.c [code]
 Implements ODR OCTET codec.
file  odr_oid.c [code]
 Implements ODR OID codec.
file  odr_seq.c [code]
 Implements ODR SEQUENCE codec.
file  odr_tag.c [code]
 Implements ODR IMPLICIT tagging codec.
file  odr_use.c [code]
 Implements misc ODR types.
file  odr_util.c [code]
 Implements various ODR utilities.
file  oid_db.c [code]
 OID Database.
file  oid_std.c [code]
 Standard Object Identifiers: Generated from ./oid.csv.
file  oid_util.c [code]
 Implements OID base utilities.
file  oidtoc.tcl [code]
file  opac_to_xml.c [code]
 Implements OPAC to XML conversion.
file  options.c [code]
 Implements command line options parsing.
file  otherinfo.c [code]
 Implements Z39.50 OtherInfo utilities.
file  poll.c [code]
 Select, poll wrapper.
file  pquery.c [code]
 Implements PQF parsing.
file  proxunit.c [code]
 ProximityUnit map to/from string.
file  prt-ext.c [code]
 Implements handling of various Z39.50 Externals.
file  query-charset.c [code]
 converts General Terms in RPN queries
file  querytowrbuf.c [code]
 Convert Z39.50 Z_Query to PQF (as WRBUF string)
file  readconf.c [code]
 Implements config file reading.
file  record_conv.c [code]
 Record Conversions utility.
file  record_render.c [code]
 Render Z39.50 records (NamePlusRecord)
file  requestq.c [code]
 Implements Simple queue management for GFS.
file  retrieval.c [code]
 Retrieval utility.
file  rpn2cql.c [code]
 Implements RPN to CQL conversion.
file  rpn2solr.c [code]
 Implements RPN to SOLR conversion.
file  sc.c [code]
 Windows Service Control.
file  sc_test.c [code]
 Small test for the Windows Service Control utility.
file  seshigh.c [code]
 Implements GFS session logic.
file  session.h [code]
 Internal header for GFS.
file  siconv.c [code]
 Implements simple ICONV.
file  snprintf.c [code]
 snprintf wrapper
file  soap.c [code]
 Implements SOAP.
file  solr.c [code]
 Implements Solr decoding/encoding.
file  solrtransform.c [code]
 Old wrappers.
file  sortspec.c [code]
 Implements SortSpec parsing.
file  spipe.c [code]
 Implements socket-pipes.
file  sru-p.h [code]
 SRU private header.
file  sru_facet.c [code]
 Implements SRU 2.0 facets.
file  srw.c [code]
 Implements SRW/SRU package encoding and decoding.
file  srwutil.c [code]
 Implements SRW/SRU utilities.
file  statserv.c [code]
 Implements GFS logic.
file  stemmer.c [code]
 Implements stemmer wrapper.
file  tcpdchk.c [code]
 Implements TCP WRAPPER check.
file  tcpip.c [code]
 Implements TCP/IP + SSL COMSTACK.
file  test.c [code]
 Unit Test for YAZ.
file  thread_create.c [code]
 Implements thread creation wrappers.
file  thread_id.c [code]
 Returns printable thread ID.
file  timing.c [code]
 Timing utilities.
file  tokenizer.c [code]
 Simple tokenizer system.
file  tpath.c [code]
 File Path utilities.
file  ucs4.c [code]
 UCS4 decoding and encoding.
file  unix.c [code]
 Implements UNIX domain socket COMSTACK.
file  uri.c [code]
 Implements URI utilities.
file  url.c [code]
 URL fetch utility.
file  utf8.c [code]
 UTF-8 encoding / decoding.
file  version.c [code]
 Implements YAZ version utilities.
file  wrbuf.c [code]
 Implements WRBUF (growing buffer)
file  wrbuf_sha1.c [code]
 Implements SHA1 creation over WRBUF.
file  xcqlutil.c [code]
 Implements CQL to XCQL conversion.
file  xmalloc.c [code]
 Implements malloc interface.
file  xml_add.c [code]
 XML node creation utilities.
file  xml_get.c [code]
 XML node getter/creation utilities.
file  xml_include.c [code]
 XML Include (not to be confused with W3C XInclude)
file  xml_match.c [code]
 XML node inspection utilities.
file  xml_to_opac.c [code]
 Implements XML to OPAC conversion.
file  xmlerror.c [code]
 Log XML / XSLT Errors via yaz_log.
file  xmlquery.c [code]
 Query / XML conversions.
file  yaz-ccl.c [code]
 Implements CCL node tree to RPN converson.
file  z-accdes1.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module AccessControlFormat-des-1.
file  z-accform1.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module AccessControlFormat-prompt-1.
file  z-acckrb1.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module AccessControlFormat-krb-1.
file  z-charneg.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module NegotiationRecordDefinition-charSetandLanguageNegotiation-3.
file  z-core.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module Z39-50-APDU-1995.
file  z-date.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-dateTime.
file  z-diag1.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module DiagnosticFormatDiag1.
file  z-espec1.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ElementSpecificationFormat-eSpec-1.
file  z-estask.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-ESTaskPackage.
file  z-exp.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-explain.
file  z-facet-1.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-facet-1.
file  z-grs.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-generic.
file  z-mterm2.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-multipleSearchTerms-2.
file  z-oclcui.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-oclcUserInformation.
file  z-opac.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-opac.
file  z-rrf1.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ResourceReport-Format-Resource-1.
file  z-rrf2.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ResourceReport-Format-Resource-2.
file  z-sum.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-summary.
file  z-sutrs.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-SUTRS.
file  z-uifr1.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-searchResult-1.
file  z-univ.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ResourceReport-Format-Universe-1.
file  z.tcl [code]
file  zes-admin.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ESFormat-Admin.
file  zes-expi.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ESFormat-ExportInvocation.
file  zes-exps.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ESFormat-ExportSpecification.
file  zes-order.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ESFormat-ItemOrder.
file  zes-pquery.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ESFormat-PersistentQuery.
file  zes-psched.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ESFormat-PeriodicQuerySchedule.
file  zes-pset.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ESFormat-PersistentResultSet.
file  zes-update.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ESFormat-Update.
file  zes-update0.c [code]
 ASN.1 Module ESFormat-Update0.
file  zgdu.c [code]
 Implements HTTP and Z39.50 encoding and decoding.
file  zget.c [code]
 Implements Z39.50 package creator utilities.
file  zoom-c.c [code]
 Implements ZOOM C interface.
file  zoom-event.c [code]
 Implements ZOOM Event stuff.
file  zoom-memcached.c [code]
 Implements query/record caching using memcached.
file  zoom-opt.c [code]
 Implements ZOOM options handling.
file  zoom-p.h [code]
 Internal header for ZOOM implementation.
file  zoom-query.c [code]
 Implements ZOOM C query interface.
file  zoom-record-cache.c [code]
 Implements ZOOM record caching.
file  zoom-socket.c [code]
 Implements ZOOM C socket interface.
file  zoom-sru.c [code]
 Implements ZOOM SRU.
file  zoom-z3950.c [code]
 Implements ZOOM Z39.50 handling.