YAZ  5.25.0
charneg.h File Reference

Header for Z39.50 Charset negotiation utilities. More...

#include <yaz/proto.h>

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Z_CharSetandLanguageNegotiationyaz_get_charneg_record (Z_OtherInformation *p)
int yaz_del_charneg_record (Z_OtherInformation **p)
Z_Externalyaz_set_proposal_charneg (ODR odr, const char **charsets, int num_charsets, const char **langs, int num_langs, int selected)
Z_Externalyaz_set_proposal_charneg_list (ODR o, const char *delim, const char *charset_list, const char *lang_list, int selected)
void yaz_get_response_charneg (NMEM mem, Z_CharSetandLanguageNegotiation *p, char **charset, char **lang, int *selected)
Z_Externalyaz_set_response_charneg (ODR odr, const char *charset, const char *lang, int selected)
void yaz_get_proposal_charneg (NMEM mem, Z_CharSetandLanguageNegotiation *p, char ***charsets, int *num_charsets, char ***langs, int *num_langs, int *selected)

Detailed Description

Header for Z39.50 Charset negotiation utilities.

Helper functions for Character Set and Language Negotiation - 3

Definition in file charneg.h.

Function Documentation

◆ yaz_del_charneg_record()

int yaz_del_charneg_record ( Z_OtherInformation **  p)

◆ yaz_get_charneg_record()

Z_CharSetandLanguageNegotiation* yaz_get_charneg_record ( Z_OtherInformation p)

◆ yaz_get_proposal_charneg()

void yaz_get_proposal_charneg ( NMEM  mem,
Z_CharSetandLanguageNegotiation p,
char ***  charsets,
int *  num_charsets,
char ***  langs,
int *  num_langs,
int *  selected 

◆ yaz_get_response_charneg()

void yaz_get_response_charneg ( NMEM  mem,
Z_CharSetandLanguageNegotiation p,
char **  charset,
char **  lang,
int *  selected 

◆ yaz_set_proposal_charneg()

Z_External* yaz_set_proposal_charneg ( ODR  odr,
const char **  charsets,
int  num_charsets,
const char **  langs,
int  num_langs,
int  selected 

◆ yaz_set_proposal_charneg_list()

Z_External* yaz_set_proposal_charneg_list ( ODR  o,
const char *  delim,
const char *  charset_list,
const char *  lang_list,
int  selected 

Definition at line 174 of file charneg.c.

References nmem_strsplit(), odr_getmem, and yaz_set_proposal_charneg().

Referenced by ZOOM_connection_Z3950_send_init().

◆ yaz_set_response_charneg()

Z_External* yaz_set_response_charneg ( ODR  odr,
const char *  charset,
const char *  lang,
int  selected