YAZ  5.26.1
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diagbib1.c File Reference

Diagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./bib1.csv. More...

#include "diag-entry.h"
#include "../include/yaz/diagbib1.h"

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const char * yaz_diag_bib1_str (int code)
const char * diagbib1_str (int code)


struct yaz_diag_entry yaz_diag_bib1_tab []

Detailed Description

Diagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./bib1.csv.

Definition in file diagbib1.c.

Function Documentation

◆ diagbib1_str()

const char* diagbib1_str ( int  code)

◆ yaz_diag_bib1_str()

const char* yaz_diag_bib1_str ( int  code)

Definition at line 188 of file diagbib1.c.

References yaz_diag_to_str().

Variable Documentation

◆ yaz_diag_bib1_tab

struct yaz_diag_entry yaz_diag_bib1_tab[]

Definition at line 9 of file diagbib1.c.