YAZ  5.25.0
init_diag.c File Reference

Decoding of diagnostics embedded in init response. More...

#include <yaz/proto.h>

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static Z_DefaultDiagFormatinterpret_init_diag2 (int *no, Z_DiagnosticFormat *diag)
Z_DefaultDiagFormatyaz_decode_init_diag (int no, Z_InitResponse *initrs)
 returns diagnostics from an init response More...

Detailed Description

Decoding of diagnostics embedded in init response.

Definition in file init_diag.c.

Function Documentation

◆ interpret_init_diag2()

static Z_DefaultDiagFormat* interpret_init_diag2 ( int *  no,
Z_DiagnosticFormat diag 

◆ yaz_decode_init_diag()

Z_DefaultDiagFormat* yaz_decode_init_diag ( int  no,
Z_InitResponse initrs 

returns diagnostics from an init response

nonumber of diagnotic entry to get. 0=first, 1=second, ..
initrsInitResponse structure
diag entry or 0 (NULL) if none could be found

Definition at line 32 of file init_diag.c.

References Z_External::diag1, Z_OtherInformationUnit::externallyDefinedInfo, Z_OtherInformationUnit::information, interpret_init_diag2(), Z_OtherInformation::list, Z_OtherInformation::num_elements, Z_External::u, Z_External::userInfo1, Z_InitResponse::userInformationField, Z_External::which, Z_OtherInformationUnit::which, Z_External_diag1, Z_External_userInfo1, and Z_OtherInfo_externallyDefinedInfo.

Referenced by ZOOM_handle_Z3950_apdu().