YAZ  5.27.1
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stemmer.h File Reference

Header for the stemming API. More...

#include <yaz/yconfig.h>
#include <yaz/xmltypes.h>
#include <yaz/icu_I18N.h>
#include <yaz/log.h>
#include <unicode/ustring.h>
#include <unicode/uchar.h>

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typedef struct yaz_stemmer_t * yaz_stemmer_p


yaz_stemmer_p yaz_stemmer_create (const char *locale, const char *rule, UErrorCode *status)
yaz_stemmer_p yaz_stemmer_clone (yaz_stemmer_p stemmer)
void yaz_stemmer_stem (yaz_stemmer_p stemmer, struct icu_buf_utf16 *dst, struct icu_buf_utf16 *src, UErrorCode *status)
void yaz_stemmer_destroy (yaz_stemmer_p stemmer)

Detailed Description

Header for the stemming API.

Simple wrapper to hide underlying implementation.

Definition in file stemmer.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ yaz_stemmer_p

typedef struct yaz_stemmer_t* yaz_stemmer_p

Definition at line 49 of file stemmer.h.

Function Documentation

◆ yaz_stemmer_clone()

yaz_stemmer_p yaz_stemmer_clone ( yaz_stemmer_p  stemmer)

◆ yaz_stemmer_create()

yaz_stemmer_p yaz_stemmer_create ( const char *  locale,
const char *  rule,
UErrorCode *  status 

◆ yaz_stemmer_destroy()

void yaz_stemmer_destroy ( yaz_stemmer_p  stemmer)

◆ yaz_stemmer_stem()

void yaz_stemmer_stem ( yaz_stemmer_p  stemmer,
struct icu_buf_utf16 dst,
struct icu_buf_utf16 src,
UErrorCode *  status