YAZ  5.27.1
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tokenizer.h File Reference

Header with public definitions about YAZ' tokenizer. More...

#include <yaz/nmem.h>

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#define YAZ_TOK_EOF   0
#define YAZ_TOK_ERROR   (-1)
#define YAZ_TOK_STRING   (-2)
#define YAZ_TOK_QSTRING   (-3)


typedef struct yaz_tok_cfgyaz_tok_cfg_t
typedef struct yaz_tok_parseyaz_tok_parse_t
typedef int(* yaz_tok_get_byte_t) (void **vp)


yaz_tok_cfg_t yaz_tok_cfg_create (void)
void yaz_tok_cfg_destroy (yaz_tok_cfg_t t)
void yaz_tok_cfg_single_tokens (yaz_tok_cfg_t t, const char *simple)
yaz_tok_parse_t yaz_tok_parse_buf (yaz_tok_cfg_t t, const char *buf)
yaz_tok_parse_t yaz_tok_parse_create (yaz_tok_cfg_t t, yaz_tok_get_byte_t h, void *vp)
void yaz_tok_parse_destroy (yaz_tok_parse_t tp)
int yaz_tok_move (yaz_tok_parse_t tp)
const char * yaz_tok_parse_string (yaz_tok_parse_t tp)

Detailed Description

Header with public definitions about YAZ' tokenizer.

Definition in file tokenizer.h.

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#define YAZ_TOK_EOF   0

Definition at line 38 of file tokenizer.h.

Referenced by cql_transform_open_FILE(), cql_transform_parse_tok_line(), and yaz_tok_move().


#define YAZ_TOK_ERROR   (-1)

Definition at line 39 of file tokenizer.h.

Referenced by yaz_tok_move(), and yaz_tok_parse_create().


#define YAZ_TOK_QSTRING   (-3)

Definition at line 41 of file tokenizer.h.

Referenced by yaz_tok_move().


#define YAZ_TOK_STRING   (-2)

Typedef Documentation

◆ yaz_tok_cfg_t

typedef struct yaz_tok_cfg* yaz_tok_cfg_t

Definition at line 43 of file tokenizer.h.

◆ yaz_tok_get_byte_t

typedef int(* yaz_tok_get_byte_t) (void **vp)

Definition at line 46 of file tokenizer.h.

◆ yaz_tok_parse_t

typedef struct yaz_tok_parse* yaz_tok_parse_t

Definition at line 44 of file tokenizer.h.

Function Documentation

◆ yaz_tok_cfg_create()

yaz_tok_cfg_t yaz_tok_cfg_create ( void  )

◆ yaz_tok_cfg_destroy()

void yaz_tok_cfg_destroy ( yaz_tok_cfg_t  t)

◆ yaz_tok_cfg_single_tokens()

void yaz_tok_cfg_single_tokens ( yaz_tok_cfg_t  t,
const char *  simple 

◆ yaz_tok_move()

int yaz_tok_move ( yaz_tok_parse_t  tp)

◆ yaz_tok_parse_buf()

yaz_tok_parse_t yaz_tok_parse_buf ( yaz_tok_cfg_t  t,
const char *  buf 

◆ yaz_tok_parse_create()

yaz_tok_parse_t yaz_tok_parse_create ( yaz_tok_cfg_t  t,
yaz_tok_get_byte_t  h,
void *  vp 

◆ yaz_tok_parse_destroy()

void yaz_tok_parse_destroy ( yaz_tok_parse_t  tp)

◆ yaz_tok_parse_string()

const char* yaz_tok_parse_string ( yaz_tok_parse_t  tp)