YAZ  5.25.0
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7 #include <config.h>
8 #endif
10 #include <yaz/z-mterm2.h>
13 {
14  if (!odr_sequence_begin(o, p, sizeof(**p), name))
15  return odr_missing(o, opt, name) && odr_ok (o);
16  return
18  &(*p)->term, ODR_CONTEXT, 1, 0, "term") &&
20  &(*p)->flag, ODR_CONTEXT, 2, 1, "flag") &&
22 }
25 {
26  if (!odr_initmember(o, p, sizeof(**p)))
27  return odr_missing(o, opt, name);
28  if (odr_sequence_of(o, (Odr_fun) z_MultipleSearchTerms_2_s, &(*p)->elements,
29  &(*p)->num, name))
30  return 1;
31  if (o->direction == ODR_DECODE)
32  *p = 0;
33  return odr_missing(o, opt, name);
34 }
#define odr_ok(o)
Definition: odr.h:215
#define odr_explicit_tag(o, t, p, cl, tg, opt, name)
Definition: odr.h:195
#define odr_implicit_tag(o, t, p, cl, tg, opt, name)
Definition: odr.h:192
int odr_sequence_begin(ODR o, void *p, int size, const char *name)
Definition: odr_seq.c:15
char * name
Definition: initopt.c:18
int odr_initmember(ODR o, void *p, int size)
Definition: odr_tag.c:44
int direction
Definition: odr.h:126
int z_MultipleSearchTerms_2_s(ODR o, Z_MultipleSearchTerms_2_s **p, int opt, const char *name)
Definition: z-mterm2.c:12
int odr_bool(ODR o, Odr_bool **p, int opt, const char *name)
Definition: odr_bool.c:21
int odr_sequence_of(ODR o, Odr_fun type, void *p, int *num, const char *name)
Definition: odr_seq.c:134
int(* Odr_fun)(ODR, char **, int, const char *)
Definition: odr.h:135
int odr_missing(ODR o, int opt, const char *name)
Definition: odr_util.c:82
Definition: odr.h:124
int odr_sequence_end(ODR o)
Definition: odr_seq.c:61
int opt
Definition: initopt.c:19
int z_MultipleSearchTerms_2(ODR o, Z_MultipleSearchTerms_2 **p, int opt, const char *name)
Definition: z-mterm2.c:24
int z_Term(ODR o, Z_Term **p, int opt, const char *name)
Definition: z-core.c:329
Definition: odr.h:67
ASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-multipleSearchTerms-2.
#define ODR_DECODE
Definition: odr.h:95