IDZEBRA  2.1.4
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recgrs.h File Reference
#include <idzebra/recctrl.h>

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Data Structures

struct  grs_read_info


int zebra_grs_extract (void *clientData, struct recExtractCtrl *p, data1_node *(*grs_read)(struct grs_read_info *))
int zebra_grs_retrieve (void *clientData, struct recRetrieveCtrl *p, data1_node *(*grs_read)(struct grs_read_info *))
int grs_extract_tree (struct recExtractCtrl *p, data1_node *n)

Function Documentation

◆ grs_extract_tree()

int grs_extract_tree ( struct recExtractCtrl p,
data1_node n 

◆ zebra_grs_extract()

int zebra_grs_extract ( void *  clientData,
struct recExtractCtrl p,
data1_node *(*)(struct grs_read_info *)  grs_read 

Definition at line 935 of file recgrs.c.

References grs_extract_sub().

Referenced by extract_marc(), extract_marcxml(), extract_regx(), and grs_extract_sgml().

◆ zebra_grs_retrieve()

int zebra_grs_retrieve ( void *  clientData,
struct recRetrieveCtrl p,
data1_node *(*)(struct grs_read_info *)  grs_read