IDZEBRA  2.1.3
Data Fields
recExtractCtrl Struct Reference

record extract for indexing More...

#include <recctrl.h>

Data Fields

struct ZebraRecStreamstream
void(* init )(struct recExtractCtrl *p, RecWord *w)
void * clientData
void(* tokenAdd )(RecWord *w)
void(* setStoreData )(struct recExtractCtrl *p, void *buf, size_t size)
int first_record
int flagShowRecords
char match_criteria [256]
zint staticrank
void(* schemaAdd )(struct recExtractCtrl *p, Odr_oid *oid)
data1_handle dh
void * handle
enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action

Detailed Description

record extract for indexing

Definition at line 101 of file recctrl.h.

Field Documentation

enum zebra_recctrl_action_t recExtractCtrl::action
void* recExtractCtrl::clientData

Definition at line 104 of file recctrl.h.

data1_handle recExtractCtrl::dh
int recExtractCtrl::first_record
int recExtractCtrl::flagShowRecords
void* recExtractCtrl::handle
void(* recExtractCtrl::init) (struct recExtractCtrl *p, RecWord *w)
char recExtractCtrl::match_criteria[256]
void(* recExtractCtrl::schemaAdd) (struct recExtractCtrl *p, Odr_oid *oid)
void(* recExtractCtrl::setStoreData) (struct recExtractCtrl *p, void *buf, size_t size)
zint recExtractCtrl::staticrank
struct ZebraRecStream* recExtractCtrl::stream
void(* recExtractCtrl::tokenAdd) (RecWord *w)

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